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atari yars
Written by  :  Sam Vulcan (18)
Written on  :  Jul 14, 2020
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars

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Old is Gold

The Good

Very deep game, with hundreds of room to explore and days worth of play material. Engaging story line across the series. The text parser is surprisingly advanced for its age, with contextual parsing.

Another positive aspect about this particular text parser is that there are so many fun things you can do and so many extra commands that do not help to advance the story in any way but yield some very funny results. Try typing JUMP or SCREAM or ATTACK THE HOUSE; type LOOK AT ME, KISS ME, TAKE ME, and EAT ME for more laughs. If you’re the masochistic type, there are plenty of ways to kill yourself off with the various commands at your disposal.

Superb and detailed writing helps set the atmosphere and paint a vivid picture but is just vague enough to allow you to use your imagination.

Humour is abound in this game(provided you type in absurd commands) and I discover a new dialogue every time I replay it.

The Bad

Honestly, this is as close to perfection as it gets. But if you’re not fond of text parser, prefer objectives clearer than “go get some treasure,” and dislike such a great degree of freedom to explore, then maybe you won’t like the game as much. If the lack of graphics and sound, the need to draw maps (or use someone else’s, especially for navigating the mazes), the limited amount of items allowed in your inventory, the possibility of dooming yourself to failure without realizing it, and the lack of a driving story is a deal breaker for you, then maybe skip this one.

The Bottom Line

Perfect for all types of gamers. Play it blind if you want a challenge. If you're a novice, the official maps and manual are a great help, which makes the game much easier while still presenting a fun enough challenge. Include save options so you don't have to start over again an again.

I bought my copy from GOG, which comes with a DOS-Box, so no setup required.

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