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Double Dare Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

I know this.
Let's dare.
Get ready.
Where to start.

DOS version

Title Screen
Setup Screen
Main Game Screen
Challenge Instructions
Dare Or Answer?
Title Screen 1 (CGA original)
Title Screen 2 (CGA original)
Welcome to Double Dare (CGA original)
Setup against computer? (CGA original)
Select Male or Female? (CGA original)
Another Player? (CGA original)
Enter Your team name (CGA original)
Get Ready? (CGA original)
Introduction Toss-Up Challenge - Golf (CGA original)
Start Golf (CGA original)
Hole in One - Red Player win (CGA original)
Introduction Toss-Up Challenge - Gorilla (CGA original)
Start Gorilla (CGA original)
Throwing Banana (CGA original)
Red Player win (CGA original)
Introduction Toss-Up Challenge - Bowling (CGA original)
Start Bowling (CGA original)
Throwing a hook ball (CGA original)
Three strikes - Red Player win (CGA original)
Introduction Toss-Up Challenge - Hungry Clowns (CGA original)
Start Hungry Clowns (CGA original)
Throwing ball (CGA original)
Red Player win (CGA original)
Rovers (Team) Wins $10 and control of the questions (CGA original)
Introduction and press any key to continue (CGA original)
Question (Worth $10) (CGA original)
Wrong answer (CGA original)
Correct! (CGA original)
Dare!! (CGA original)
Toss-Up Challenge (CGA original)
Rovers (Team) Wins $20 and control of the questions (CGA original)
Question (Worth $20) (CGA original)
Double Dare!! (CGA original)
Question (Worth $80) (CGA original)
Question (Worth $40) (CGA original)
You lost the dare (CGA original)
Congratulations - You won the game (CGA original)
Champs - Do you want play again? (CGA original)
New Team (CGA original)
Quit and Exit to DOS (CGA original)

NES version

Title screen
Initializing the game
Me, double daring the computer
The teams are all set up.
We need to establish who gets to answer questions first.
Banana challenge
I lost the toss-up.
Actual in-game questions
This is what happens when both teams get the question wrong.
I eventually got to go with the physical challenge.
Don't sound so excited - I'm the one about to get sloppy.
I can't wait.
Are you kid enough for this challenge?
Bounce, come on, BOUNCE!
That's right, the random numbers lined up just right in the computer's program and I caught the cake.
Yeah, you know it.
Half-time... thank goodness the programmers did not see fit to include a commercial.
Next toss-up challenge.
Messy, and a challenge to be sure.
Lost again, though I have to believe that the computer is just messing with me, making be think I have a chance.

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title screen
Start of the game
Quickly answer the question.