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There is a good reason it was never released in the US. Genesis Majestic Lizard (673)
Some say “never second parts were good”; it’s completely right for Double Dragon. DOS Technocrat (201)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 6 3.3
Amstrad CPC Awaiting 5 votes...
Arcade 7 3.5
Atari ST Awaiting 5 votes...
Commodore 64 Awaiting 5 votes...
DOS 12 2.9
Genesis 7 2.6
MSX Awaiting 5 votes...
NES 50 4.0
Nintendo 3DS Awaiting 5 votes...
PlayStation 4 Awaiting 5 votes...
TurboGrafx CD Awaiting 5 votes...
Wii Awaiting 5 votes...
Wii U Awaiting 5 votes...
ZX Spectrum Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 82 3.6

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100 (Oct, 2011)
Double Dragon II may not be the best co-op game on the NES, but it is my favorite co-op game on the NES. Contra may be more intense and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II may bring back more childhood memories, but the hands-on, git-er-done approach of Double Dragon II has always held great appeal for me. Every aspect of the beat-em-up gameplay has improved from the original.
NESGaming since 198x (May 06, 2009)
Jouabilité démoniaque, difficulté savamment dosée, ce jeu a-t'il un seul défaut ? Avec ses graphismes magnifiques, ses musiques mémorables et ses sympathiques cut-scenes, difficile de trouver quoi que ce soit à redire à ce monument. Près de vingt ans après sa sortie, ce hit mythique est toujours aussi jouissif et efficace, en coop ou en solo.
NESNES Archives (May 03, 2008)
Double Dragon II takes the prize as the top Double Dragon game on the NES. That means that it is also one of the very best two-player action games. If you enjoy two-player simultaneous fighting games then this is a must-own. This game easily fits into the top 100 games on the NES.
NESNES Player (2001)
By far the best Double Dragon game on the NES, the slick controls and great moves and combos will satisfy the martial artist in all of us. Play it. Now.
NESPlayer One (Nov, 1990)
Bravo Nintendo pour cette adaptation qui respecte la folie de la version originale, tout en proposant de toutes nouvelles émotions. Décidément, les Double Dragons, ces deux frangins cogneurs, sont probablement les personnages les plus étonnants du monde des jeux vidéos.
NES1UP! (Dec 30, 2016)
Double Dragon II restera dans les annales comme l'un des nombreux jeux culte de la NES, au même titre que Probotector, Batman, Solstice, Duck Tales, Shadowgate, pour ne citer que des productions d'éditeurs tiers. Et plus le temps passe, plus on l'apprécie encore. Le temps nous permet de le mesurer à ce qui s'est fait depuis en matière de beat'em ups et il offre des joies qu'on n'éprouve pas aussi intensément ailleurs. Il est aussi plus audacieux que ses pairs: ce n'est pas parce que c'est du combat que tout le gameplay doit se résumer à frapper. Le graphisme aura eu beau faire des bonds avec les 16 bits, c'est sur 8 bits, dans les jeux de Technos, que le plaisir des beat'em ups est à son apogée. Simple, direct, durable, moins un plaisir d'arcade qu'un plaisir de consoles. La raison même pour laquelle on les aime.
NESThe Video Game Critic (Apr 28, 2003)
Double Dragon II is great fun and represents a major step forward for the NES series.
Two-player simultaneous mode is present in this version and increases the fun by magnitudes. Whether solo or with a pal, this is one of the best experiences on the system and easy to recommend.
NESOJGames (Oct 02, 2007)
Ésta entrega de la saga Double Dragon brilla con luz propia. Quizá no sea técnicamente mejor que su homónimo arcade pero en líneas generales es mejor. Cuenta con el doble de fases, tiene modo a dos jugadores, los gráficos se rediseñaron para la ocasión y la historia es tan buena como siempre. Incluso es un buen reto para la gente aficionada a las plataformas. En resumen, un juego muy recomendado que hoy día sigue teniendo esa magia que hace que siga siendo rejugable.
WiiDefunct Games (Jun 22, 2012)
Double Dragon II is more than a sequel; it's a genuinely good action game with a solid storyline and a lot of fun street fighting. The controls take a little getting used to, but after a while you can see what the developers were trying to do. My only real complaint is the ludicrous ending, which inexplicably introduces supernatural elements into the franchise. If you can get past that you'll find yet another fun beat-em-up on the Virtual Console.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK) (Jan, 1990)
In both the 16-versions (Amiga and Atari ST) the bros are colourful, neatly drawn chaps who take their baddie-biffing very seriously. Only gripe is the lack of the Amiga's colour palette for background graphics.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Jan, 1990)
Playable, colourful, detailed and, although not the Amiga, decent sound effects and tune. Compared to other 16-bit beat-'em-ups, Double Dragon II - The Revenge is a major improvement and competitively priced.
ZX SpectrumSinclair User (Jan, 1992)
Not quite in the same class as Double Dragon 3 but miles ahead of the first game. This is a fun beat 'em up that can get a little difficultat times.
82 (Jan 06, 2006)
Not only did this game pave the way for many a great game, but as a standalone game, Double Dragon II really is quite fun. Quite challenging, fun, and addictive. Great cooperative play is available, even by today’s standards. Fantastic bottomless pits to knock guys into are never in short supply. Good graphics and sound for its time, and there’s also good replay value because of the difficulty modes as well as the co-op mode; I know I spent many fun hours with my brother tearing up the streets of NYC.
ZX SpectrumThe Games Machine (UK) (Jan, 1990)
The sprites are monochromatic throughout. Which is great as this means accurate collision detection, detailed graphics and fluid movement - who needs colour? Both Jimmy and Billy stride around the screen with a definite swagger in their walk, though they have good reason to be cocky with the amount of moves they have up their sleeves.
NESNerdicus Reviews (Jul, 2015)
From a brilliant soundtrack, to much-improved controls, to a difficulty setting that'll make you cry to your mommy and then scream with joy when you finally beat the damn game, DOUBLE DRAGON 2 offers quite a bit for the average NES gamer.
NESRetroGame Man (Jan 20, 2018)
In summary, this is a great 2D beaten-up that is moderately challenging, incorporates a great multiplayer function, and has numerous platforming sections (some better than others) that makes it stand out among the many beaten-ups on the NES. Off all the Double Dragon games – this is my favourite! It is reasonably priced these days, so if you haven’t already picked it up, I recommend it!
I enjoyed Double Dragon 2 a lot. The new moves and fancier backgrounds do add some depth, and the two-player cooperative function is another welcome enhancement over the original NES Double Dragon. In the end, it's just more Double Dragon, but as a DD fan, I'm more than satisfied.
NESHonestGamers (Jun 20, 2013)
Double Dragon II is the quintessential example of what a video game sequel should be. It improves on the original in nearly every way, and continually adds new gameplay elements to the mix. The platforming sections remain problematic, and the controls take some getting used to, but once these things have been mastered, Double Dragon II stands as one of the best beat ‘em up games ever released for a home console.
WiiNintendo Life (Jun 28, 2012)
Double Dragon II basically takes everything that was great about the original title and then adds in a few much-needed fixes. The gameplay is smoother and less cheap and there's quite a bit more variety in not only how the gameplay functions, but also the visual and musical presentations. The game is a tad bit easy, but considering it's still so much fun, it's a small gripe. It's basically a no-brainer for fans of Double Dragon to pick this title up and if for some reason you've never been a fan of the series, this Virtual Console release could very well change that.
NESLens of Truth (May 21, 2011)
Double Dragon 2 is better then its predecessor in almost every category. It has sharper graphics, 2 Player simultaneous play, more enemies, a better variety of stages, and of course more weapons. Is it a perfect game? Not even close. There’s way too many glitches and not having a single continue (beside the use of a code) is really annoying. However, in the fairly large library of NES side scrolling beat’em ups, Double Dragon II stands out as one of the best.
NESMean Machines (Oct, 1990)
I found double Dragon II good fun, with plenty of interesting opponents and fast action. However it is very similar to the first Double Dragon and gives the impression of just following straight from the latter. The scrolling is often poor and flickery but the sprites are well animated. There's no doubt that this game will sell by the lorryload, and why not - its a great game that deserves to do well, and will keep you coming back even when you've finished it. Well worth a look at least.
AmigaCommodore User (Dec, 1989)
When the first Double Dragon appeared this time last year, it was received with almost uniformly awful reviews. Readers voted it one of the worst games of the year. Disappointment was evident because expectations were high. The appearance and subsequent licensing of Double Dragon II gave Virgin another chance to produce a game which does the coin-op justice and this time they have made a better fist of it.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Feb, 1992)
Kurzum: Double Dragon II ist ein grafisch schön gemachtes Beat ‘em up mit ausgezeichneter Spielbarkeit! Wer sich trotzdem an den kleinen Macken wie der mäßigen „Intelligenz“ der Gegner und des Anleitungs-Übersetzers stört, ist schon ein arger Spielverderber.
NESVideoGame (Mar, 1991)
Billy e Jimmy Lee, dois irmãos, lutam juntos para resgatar Marian, uma amiga. Ela foi seqüestrada pelo maléfico Shadow Boss. Depois de vencê-lo, ao fim de 9 fases, os dois irmãos lutarão entre si para disputar o amor de Marian. Mas isso só no caso de dois jogadores. Se apenas um estiver jogando (Billy), basta vencer o chefe.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Jan, 1990)
The sound is alright, the usual sort of kicky, punchy, spring-aroundy types of noises, with some good crunchy bashing sounds on the 128. My only worry is that we've seen too much of this sort of thing already, and (throwing option aside) it isn't different enough to distinguish itself from all the rest. I've already typed 'Dragon Ninja' in twice by mistake when writing this review, so you see the problem! It's perfectly fine for passing the time in an arcade, but I doubt it'll get anyone massively excited in its Speccy incarnation.
NESPower Play (Oct, 1990)
Auch wenn es nicht meiner Moralvorstellung entspricht: Bei Double Dragon II macht es Spaß, stundenlang Sprites über den Bildschirm zu prügeln. Obwohl Helden und Bösewichte nicht besonders groß geraten sind, wurden Mienenspiel und Bewegung der Figuren beim Austeilen und Einstecken der diversen Schläge wirklich witzig animiert. Der gesamte Aufbau des Spieles mit Intro, den neun vollkommen unterschiedlich großen Levels und den Zwischengrafiken und -texten trägt weiterhin zur guten Atmosphäre bei. Daran kann auch die abgelutschte und brutale Spielidee nicht viel ändern.
Of the two versions I've seen, this can claim to be the closest to the original. The graphics are essentially the same as the Amiga version, large and brightly coloured, though the backdrops have changed and have a nice forced perspective look to them. A game that greatly enhanced by the two player mode.
The most noticeable fact is the use of the full screen facility. In most cases this helps to provide a more arcade like feel. Unfortunately, due to the lack of a real perspective effect on the backdrops, the effect is somewhat lost. Unlike the arcade and ST version, the screen only scrolls left.
Bleibt alles in allem also ein überzeugendes Actionspiel, das getrost als gelungene Automatenumsetzung bezeichnet werden kann. Das darf jedoch nicht darüber hinwegtäuschen, daß auch DD II mit der Zeit schnell an Reiz verliert. Zu einseitig ist der Spielablauf, zu gering sind die Variationen bei den Angriffstaktiken. Für einen Hit reicht‘s also nicht, aber Fans der Bildschirm-Prügelei bekommen mit DOUBLE DRAGON II eindeutig das beste Spiel dieser Art in die Hand - oder Faust?
The gameplay is still solid, but sequels should improve on the original, and DDII doesn't do that. It's not a bad game, just a major disappointment considering the classic status of the first game in the series. Double Dragon fans will be pleased with the majority of the game, but shun the platforming elements that should've been left on the development table.
Ok, try and follow this. The Megadrive version of Double Dragon II is the best arcade version, beyond the arcade version itself. The NES and Turbo Duo versions are wild variations, but excellent in their own right. The Duo wins out overall. Basically, if you want to play the arcade game, stick with the Megadrive. If you want the best Double Dragon II, head for the Duo.
Graphically it's a disgrace. Sprites are badly drawn and animated and, when there are a few of them on screen, the game slows down to a ridiculous degree. Sound isn't bad, but it isn't very good either. But what is really disgraceful is the fact that I finished Double Dragon II within three quarters of an hour! If this is all Sega could do with Double Dragon II, I'm not surprised they never released the first game. My advice is to remove all thoughts from buying this from your mind and get one of the far more enjoyable Golden Axe games instead.
AmigaZzap! (Jan, 1990)
Five years ago the brilliant Double Dragon team, Billy and Jimmy Lee, rescued the beautiful transsexual singer Marilyn (Marian on the C64) from the clutches of the evil Shadow Boss. Until yesterday the three friends lived together quite happily. Yesterday Marilyn was shot dead, and the Lee brothers have sworn revenge.
Commodore 64Commodore Format (Apr, 1992)
DD2 (as I'll call it to save valuable ink) is one of the old school beat-'em-ups, where the characters don't actually seem to hit each other. The collision detection is a bit dodgy to say the least. But there is a satisfying number of enemies to trash, so you won't get bored with the Violence Quotient
Genesis1UP! (Dec 30, 2016)
Il lui manque toute la fraîcheur de la version NES. Sans tenir compte de la différence 8-16 bits, on pourrait croire celle-ci plus récente, presque moderne (après tout on fait encore des jeux dans ce style). A l'inverse, la version Mega Drive pourrait passer pour un projet avorté ou une vieillerie difficile à resituer. C'est un jeu qu'on ne peut conseiller qu'à une certaine catégorie de personnes, les invétérés de l'arcade, les allergiques aux consoles (c'est-à-dire à ce game design qui leur est propre) et les gens peu regardants, bref, ceux qui d'une façon ou d'une autre sont réfractaires à la version NES. Mais peut-être est-ce tout simplement que dans leur hostilité, ils ont oublié de l'essayer... autrement, sûrement, ils l'auraient adoptée.
Man kann dem Game einen gewissen Unterhaltungswert nicht absprechen, doch da der Spielablauf recht eintönig gerät und unterschiedliche Taktiken nicht gefragt sind, hält der „Spaß“ nicht lange vor. Und trotzdem: Unter rein technischen Aspekten ist das Game sauber vom Automaten rübergezogen worden, das Scrolling flüssig, die Grafik angemessen. Aber kaufen...?
Atari STST Format (Mar, 1992)
[Budget re-release] Much of a muchness, really. After all, if you've seen one beat-'em-up, you've more or less seen them all. However, some seem to have a certain something that keep you at them for a little while at least, and Double Dragon 2 is one of them. It's dated, fun for 20 minutes, and worth the money if you've nothing better to spend it on.
GenesisPower Play (Mar, 1992)
Das einzig noch annehmbare an der horizontal scrollenden Prügelei ist die Grafik. Zwar wirkt sie veraltet, läßt aber die 16-Bit-Maschine erahnen. Genau dieses kann von Steuerung und Sound nicht gesagt werden. Eure Helden laufen wie in Zeitlupe durch die Landschaft; bevor sie auch nur ihr Fäustchen heben, haben sie bereits 'ne Menge einstecken müssen.
GenesisMean Machines (Apr, 1992)
What a shambles! The original Double Dragon II coin-op was no great shakes, but this conversion is simply tragic. The graphics are deformed and ungainly, the sound is hopeless and the gameplay is just completely pathetic. Double Dragon I may have been easy to complete, but it was pretty good fun while it lasted. This sequel, on the other hand, re-defines the term "tedious", with its slow, plodding movement and jerky scrolling. Megadrive Double Dragon fans should definitely take a look at Ballistic's conversion of the original coin-op, although I'm sure beat 'em up fans would agree with me when I say that Streets of Rage is still the best combat game for the Megadrive. Either way, just ignore this smelly, rancid cart, and look elsewhere for your beat 'em up thrills.
30 (Jun 14, 2007)
Anyone who counts themselves as a Double Dragon enthusiast already knows what to do here. Find a copy of the NES or Turbo Duo versions, and stay as far away from this turd as possible. Even casual beat-'em-up fans should steer clear, as there's so much more bad than good with this rendition that it's not even worth emulating (I assume most with a passing interest would opt to go that route as opposed to paying $35-$50 for an import copy). Pal Soft deserves two elbows and a knee to the head for this dreadful job.