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Double Dragon Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Flying Marian
Strange technique
Flame fist
Counter kick
Strong punch
Energy kick
Jimmy's winner text
Jump on enemy
I see stars!
Look like flash kick
Head attack
Marian's winner speech
Special finish
Super fast moves
Fire split
Tease rival
Hadouken... wrong game
Don't steal my cookies!
Fake Phoenix
Retaliation attack
Kick in nuts
Winner's pose
Energy shoot
Air throw
Time to portion of wrestling
Fight on plane
Brothers duel

Neo Geo version

Title screen
Fighting instructions
Options screen: change the time limit, handicap and other game settings here.
Character selection screen
Amon fighting his alter ego on top of a flying plane.
Defeat screen
Marian's special move
In the sewers
Rebecca about to launch a fireball.
Cheng Fu's special move
Jimmy's uppercut
Dulton on fire
Burnov's playground is a city on fire.
Jimmy is fully charged.
Jimmy finishes his brother.
When the characters move away from each other, the screen is scaled along.
Amon is about to get hit by those exploding barrels.
Duke, the last but one opponent, has devastating moves.
Billy's "fireball".
Shuko, the final boss.
The power of the dragon is supreme!
End line! Knocked out for a "Shoryuken"...
As you can see, Jimmy chose a bad moment to attack. What a bad luck!
The face of the dragon going of meeting to another face... :-)
Surrounded by fire, Burnov smashes violently everybody and everything in your way.
Why not? A good knee can teach some hard lessons in somebody!
The twin brothers Billy Lee (in the left side) and Jimmy Lee (in the right side) are dueling. It would be a training?
Rankings "Best Dragons" screen with default scores.
Rebecca's Super Move remembers slightly a Sonic Boom. But, leaving of side the similarities, this move is sufficiently powerful!
Imagine the impact size caused for the collision of two immense fire balls... Catastrophic!

Neo Geo CD version

Title Screen and Main Menu
When you select your character, you can see his or her face, however, your opponent is shrouded in mystery...
Jimmy VS. Jimmy. Do you notice the glowing foot? A nice touch of detail...
Is that guy doing Captain Falcon's "Falcon Kick"? Boy, are he and Nintendo going to be mad about this...

Official Screenshots

  • Double Dragon Screenshot
    PlayStation Store (Hong Kong)
  • Double Dragon Screenshot
    PlayStation Store (Hong Kong)
  • Double Dragon Screenshot
    PlayStation Store (Hong Kong)