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MondoXbox (Feb 01, 2012)
Double Fine Happy Action Theater raggiunge in pieno l'obiettivo di farci divertire come matti senza costrizioni né regole, grazie anche a quel pizzico di genialità che da sempre contraddistingue le opere di Tim Schafer e soci: è un gioco atipico ma adattissimo per i più piccoli o come titolo da lasciare alla TV durante le feste o i ritrovi con amici e familiari, così che chiunque possa divertirsi come e quando vuole. Se volete arricchire la vostra libreria di titoli Kinect, al costo di 800 Microsoft Points è un download sicuramente consigliato.
90 (UK) (Feb 13, 2012)
That's what Happy Action Theater taps into, and it's a primal truth worth remembering. Games are made to be played - so why do we, the people who self-identify as gamers, have so much trouble accepting that play, pure and simple, can be a game?
XboxAddict (Feb 03, 2012)
Up to six people can play at once as well, which makes it a perfect background game for a party, regardless if it’s for some younger children, or the older ‘kids’ that may possibly be drunk. Regardless of the audience, there are laughs to be had as long as you go in expecting a ‘non-game’. Try the demo, and if you like what you see and have a creative imagination (or children), much entertainment should be had for the 800 Microsoft Points it costs to download.
Game Chronicles (Feb 03, 2012)
Double Fine Happy Action Theater’s brevity makes it a bit difficult to justify the $10 (800 MS) price tag – not that the obvious hard work involved in developing technology on this magnitude is not worth it – but gamers will be hard pressed to see value in a 30-minute title when Kinect Labs offers similar (granted, nowhere near as good – but similar nonetheless) experiences for free. In fact, within the new “App Economy” on the Android and iOS devices, it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify any casual title with a price tag of more than a buck or two. But I don’t want to detract from what is here – Double Fine is hands-down the most innovative development studio in gaming, and Double Fine Happy Action Theater is a truly fantastic example of what can be achieved when you combine an amazing group of people with an amazing piece of technology.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Feb 06, 2012)
Utan närvarande barn kan ingenting - förutom möjligen 72 timmar utan sömn - få mig eller dig att ha kul med Happy Action Theater. Det är oerhört simpelt, precisionen i några av interaktionerna har klara brister och det finns varken mål eller sammanhang under spelandets gång. Gör därför dig själv en tjänst och betrakta det hela som en leksak, ett sällskapsspel med barnen, eller varför inte ett ovanligt generöst paket från Kinect Fun Labs. Jag kan inte svära på att barnen aldrig tröttnar, men för nittio kronor bör detta ligga nära toppen på inköpslistorna hos alla barnfamiljer. Övriga konsumenter gör nog bäst i att glömma och gå vidare.
Official XBox Magazine (Feb 01, 2012)
Not every activity enthralls, and it’s a brief overall affair with little incentive for repeated solo-play once you complete a couple of cycles. But Happy Action Theater is an absolute powder keg of a party experience, instilling childlike delight in nearly anyone that crosses its path while proving imaginative minds can still make inspired use of Kinect.
Inside Gaming (Feb 07, 2012)
Happy Action Theater is a ton of fun, but if you’re the kind of gamer who craves action, excitement, and a plot to keep you coming back for more, this isn’t for you. Rather, this was made for gamers with kids around the house, or players who have a living room that frequently hosts friend-filled parties. Sure, Happy Action Theater isn’t much more than a glorified tech demo for the Kinect, but it’s probably the most fun I’d had with any Kinect title since bringing the device home. If you’re looking for something different and you’re brave enough to laugh and dance in front of your TV for a while, get this game.
GamesRadar (Feb 01, 2012)
Happy Action Theater is a great game for children with plenty of variety in almost every activity – each being different and exciting both visually and interactively. Although the entirety of the game can literally be seen in an hour or two, young gamers are sure to want to revisit their favorite version of their transformed room again and again, and at 800 Microsoft Points ($10), it’s well worth it.
IGN (Feb 01, 2012)
Double Fine Productions are a trusted name in video game development for audiences both core and family. Tim Schafer and team extend that legacy with Double Fine Happy Action Theater, delivering a fun collection of playful diversions well worth the moderate asking price.
Spazio Games (Feb 12, 2012)
Double Fine happy Action Theater è un prodotto unico nel panorama dei titoli scaricabili per console casalinghe e, sfruttando le caratteristiche del Kinect, riesce a ricreare su schermo situazioni che tutti noi da bambini, almeno una volta, abbiamo sognato o immaginato di vivere. la possibilità di avere su schermo ben sei persone rende questo prodotto estremamente coinvolgente non solo per i più piccoli ma per tutta la famiglia. Consigliato.
GameSpot (Feb 03, 2012)
You can leave Happy Action Theater to its own devices; just set it up at a party and let people hop in to interact with it whenever they want as it cycles through its scenarios. Or you can take control, skipping between activities or sticking with one indefinitely. However you set the stage, Double Fine Happy Action Theater encourages play in the purest sense of the word. Its diverse and imaginative scenarios will delight children, and it's a great fit for social settings as a way of getting people on their feet and interacting with each other in a spirit of warm, uncompetitive fun. That total lack of competition or progress means that there's little reason for individual players to come back to it, but that's also the quality that makes it such a refreshingly different offering. If you have some people to share the stage with, you'll enjoy frolicking in the limelight of Happy Action Theater.
Destructoid (Feb 02, 2012)
None of the activities are particularly inventive, but I also wouldn't go so far to say they're boring, either. Enough of them are interesting that you probably won't regret buying Happy Action Theater for yourself. On the other hand, it should prove to be sufficiently engaging for kids (and kid-like adults, particularly when alcohol is in the room).