Dr. Brain: Action Reaction Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

There's a gentle animated introduction which sets out the plot. S.P.O.R.E. have an undersea base and an evil plan. Only the player can save the world but first they must hit ESC
This is the main menu. It's not the only main menu though. Once the player logs in other options become available
The Settings option allows action key redefinition and ...
... game customisation
This is the screen where the player enters their id. Spaces are not allowed
This is the full 'Main Menu' after the player has played a level or two. The 'Give Up' option is a nice touch. It allows the player to skip a tough level which they can replay at a later date
There are five characters to choose from. Each has skills and quirks. These do not seem to be relevant in the early levels
The start of each level is clearly announced. No score is displayed.
These are the S.P.O.R.E. bad guys. They appear on screen saying that they're going to rule the world and no-one can stop them...
... little do they know that Dr. Brain has escaped and is communicating with the player
The game has some nice ideas like Gelovators, elevator tubes filled with goo that allow the player to swim up / down to the next level
This is a stun missile, best avoid it then.
Droids move in a predefined route. They change direction on contact with a wall or something similar. By moving blocks into their path the droids can be used to do helpful things
This is the game's equivalent of a gun.
Level 2 involves moving from platform to platform until the player gets to the exit.
This is the save game menu. There does not seem to be an auto-save feature.
Level 3 and the player gets to fly. Better than those moving platforms in level 2!
The game did allow an on-line game to be played but no games could be found