Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu follows a green login screen. The text Demo Version' bounces around the screen.
There is an extensive tutorial. Each hut represents a tutorial lesson some of which cannot be accessed until earlier levels have been cleared
This is yerfdog. He/she/it pops up throughout the tutorials with information
Using the AK47 on a Mumble. This is one of the game's special weapons. There are also spears, cherry bombs, rocket packs, machetes, gun turrets, and the wonderful swap gun
Here gun turrets have been placed to kill any baddies that follow Bouapha
Bouapha cannot swim so falling into water will kill him. That doesn't stop the game having underwater levels though. Essentially these are timed levels which can be extended by getting the air tanks
There are keys to collect and this introduces a puzzle element as the route to get to a key will require thought and persistence
The game's configuration options
The in-game shop. here coins earned during the game can be spent to unlock other game worlds, buy the frozen yoghurt of power, and access other game areas
This is the hub of Bouapha's World. Each square represents the entry point to another level. The crosses show which ones have been completed
This is the 'In Orbit' level of 'Bouapha's World'. In this shot he's being devoured by pumpkins
Some levels are timed
This is the hub of the 'Deserted Desert Dessert' world. Each little window takes the player to another level
The 'Death Patrol' level of the 'Deserted Desert Dessert' world is filled with these hard to kill, bomb throwing baddies.
At the end of each level the player is shown a score sheet. Coins earned are exchanged for goodies in the game's shop.
The exit screen of the demo version. Somewhere in the blurb it estimates that the tutorial & the three worlds it contains will take seven hours to complete, the full game has 1200!