Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen
After the title screen there's an animated piece which sets out the story. This guy is the baddie. He has unlocked the cat's magic chest to steal the magic for himself
The main menu
The game is keyboard controlled. These are the action keys
Starting a new game. There's a short piece of animation, strange seeing real faces on cartoon bodies, showing the baddie running round the house. Then the fish speaks the words in the text box
There are four or five places to enter on the ground floor but all apart from one are locked off in the beginning until the player collects enough magic
This is the only world that can be entered at the start. Around the screen the three cakes are the lives, the hat shows zero magic and the clapper boards unlock video sequences
There are four game slots. Each shows just what has been collected thus far
The green swirly thing is a piece of magic that gas to be collected
Swirly patterns on the ground near cameras are checkpoints. Three of the four keys have been collected as have most of the pieces of magic
The cat cannot progress until he's shot the target. Early in the game the Fish insists on giving pieces of advice, but listening to him is optional
In the centre of the screen is a Thing which has a key. The cat has just captured a pony and must shoot it at the thing top retrieve the key. Standard ammunition is a bubble which won't work here
The red swirly button gives Cat a great boost to high places. There are also 'twister' shaped things that blow him to high places