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Crystle Castles Dragon 32/64 Title screen


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Written by  :  drmarkb (91)
Written on  :  Jul 28, 2016
Platform  :  Dragon 32/64
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
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Ice Castles= Crystal Castles. A decent conversion but slightly "buggy".

The Good

One of the few Dragon games that looks perfect in the normally garish green colour set that the dragon uses, Ice Castles, as it was called for the UK release, has fine sound and is a superficially exact copy of the original Crystal Castles Atari game. The level of difficulty is close to the original, and like the original it has a fantastical quality that appeals across the age ranges. The sound on the Dragon version is excellent and not too obtrusive when it could so easily have been as annoying as it is on one or two other platforms. This game attracted relatively little fanfare at the time, and a fair few people I have met actively disliked it, put off by one or two minor issues regarding the control or by the fact that it is a blatant clone. Personally I think that as one of the few games to work with the green colour set rather than against it some credit should be given, it is not easy to make the garish colour suite work, but work it does. I have played far worse uninspiring Dragon games ripping off arcade classics than this, which when said and done is addictive and rather fun, with good use if the Dragon's graphical and sound capabilities.

The Bad

There is no getting away from this one- the 3-D isometric nature of the game is at odds with the joystick controls, especially when going through the tunnels where the character just floats seemingly independent of the landscape. It feels at times as if it is a beta version, and that they were going to sort out these issues for the final release. The game also appears to have no end, instead just stopping after a cleared screen and freezing. This is, of course, not normally an issue unless you have cheated and used a poke to get more lives as the game is one of those nobody ever expects to complete........

The Bottom Line

A very decent version of Crystal Castles in a very poor disguise....