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Dragon Age II: Legacy Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The DLC content is started through this statue
Like the main game, the story is told in retrospective
This starting dialogue explains the plot premise
The starting location in the open
This guy has a interesting look in his eyes...
...which directly leads to combat
One of the new codex entries
Another shot from the starting area
A mine - and not even copy & pasted from the one indoor area from the main game!
An ambush
Some of the companions have their own encounter with their past
This statue allows to leave the DLC content
This barrier, however, prevents going back
Meet new friends
This is the sign of the first side quest
A temple area
Larius, one of the main characters of the story
One of the mid-bosses
During the course of the game, Hawke can upgrade a special weapon
A new enemy: the shields blocks attacks from the front
Anther new area...
...with its own fight scenes
Hawke meets some Templars
A puzzle - which one the player has to solve, depends on a choice beforehand
The end fight is near