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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Options screen.
Pre-rendered FMV like this can only be seen in a trailer, not in the game itself.
Generate your character.
Based on your character's background, you get to play one of several different prologues.
Use wheel menu to assign weapons, skills, spells, drink potions and more.
Codex is filled with various info which may take you many hours to read through it all by the time game ends, but none of it is obligatory.
Saving your cousin and other women from a spoiled rich boy who is now no more.
Duncan came here to find new recruits into Grey Warden status.
Time to say goodbyes and leave this place once and for all.
This fortress is where the king will fight the blight.
As your skills increase, you may have better luck when talking to certain characters.
When mini-map is insufficient, check the full map of the area.
The blight has begun... the forces of darkness are marching at Ostagar.
View at the battle from somewhat safe distance.
Clashing blades with hurlock.
Enemy commanders have their name highlighted in yellow.
You can arm and inspect everyone in your team.
Using crossbow for close combat is not recommended.
Check the fallen enemies and various chests for useful contents.
The city of Lothering.
Check out chanter's board for possible side-quests and a way to earn some cash.
Who better to hear some gossip from than the barman.
Trading the goods with a local merchant.
Morrigan's camping further away from the rest... she's not much of a social person, but that's not why she's on my team.
You can only have up to three more characters in the battle with you.
Fighting various abominations in the mage tower.
Nights are cold, it's a clear suicide mission... the reasons for romance are handful.
While there are no night and day cycles in real-time, time will be dictated by occasion.
World map of Ferelden.
Rule number one... no nice talk to robbers and raiders.
After the battle, your character will have the blood on his face and armour, but in 99% case he won't have the same armor in cinematics to correspond to the one during gameplay.
Leveling up.
Loading screens will display random statistics.
Splash screen
Protecting your family
Lots of house interiors to explore
Meeting the king
Returning from the dead, as a warden, no less
The troops are ready for the enemy onslaught... or so they believe
Morgan is ignoring Alistair's comments, and with a good reason
Passing by the wind mill
Talking to your allies in the camp
Player has many funny responses to select during dialogues
Meeting a couple of mages in the tower
Exploring the castle
Character skills
Morrigan has a strange proposal before the final battle
Dwarves are joining the final battle... which race will aid you depends on your choices you've done thus far

Windows version

Main Menu
Character Creation
Loading Screen
The mage origin story begins in the Fade, where you meet demons like this fearsome bear
The City Elf origin story has you infiltrating a palace with quite a few guards
The Dalish Elf origin story has you exploring a dungeon
Duncan brought you to Ostagar - something every character has to go through
Fighting against the Dark Spawn at Ostagar
The party camp - the place to rest, talk your mouth off and have...well, that's not for minors to read...
Zoomed-out view: looks just like Neverwinter Nights - okay, maybe a little better even
Fighting trees in the forest - how original...
Exploring an ancient and very good-looking ruin
One of your goals has to do with these werewolves. But of course I won't tell more
Another visit to the Fade now with the ability to shift into different forms.
The Chanter's Board is one way of getting side quests
The town of Redcliffe is about to be attacked
My group entering the dungeon of a castle
Flemeth, the legend in flesh and blood
To battle! To battle! That's right. We all fight better in such cozy purple rooms
Pausing a scripted battle for a cool slow motion-like effect. It's almost like ballet!
You can talk to "unimportant" NPCs, who don't get their own dialogue trees, like this little child
Dig the art and all. Practicing my spell targeting on a group of some dudes in bloodstained armor
Any self-respecting RPG should let you undress your characters down to the underwear
"Dude... Like... why are you casting a fire spell on us? It, like, hurts..." "You haven't learned anything, son... Because I can!!"...
Urban scene. This cities in the game are too small for my taste. Nice sculptures, though - and check out those realistic animations to the right
Fear my wrath, mortals!!... Yeah... That feels good - first blizzard, then inferno... I'm, like, in a trance, dude
What a marvelous... view from the top of this mountain!..
Man, you are ON FIRE tonight! Your performance is KILLING!.. Okay, okay, no more bad jokes
Nothing spells "quality" like a battle scene between an angry (Shanghainese?) "tormented woman" and a naked bloodstained dwarf. And... where is she looking?.. ...
Yeah, right, guys... ROCK ON!..
Fighting some bandits for a side quest
The inventory screen. Zevran wears a complete set and gets a bonus for that
So-called area-of-effect spells are really useful against many enemies
The home of the thieves guild
Let's have sex!
Another temple full of demons
No spoiler here - that Dragon has been used in almost every advertising for the game and is not the main villain
The last challenge awaits before we get to our goal...
An almost complete map of Ferelden
Enchanting a battle axe with two high-level runes
The list of achievements you can get - but not all in one playthrough
Orzammar - city of dwarves
Posing for the camera while others fight my battle
The Dark Spawn are eager to move on
Choose your party from these guys and even more
Did I already mention sex?
Fighting a group of guards
It smells like conflict here
The ice spell makes for good pictures
Another nice group picture

Xbox 360 version

Title screen.
Selecting your character's background.
Customizing your appearance.
Human noble backstory
Exploring the family castle.
The console version uses a radial menu for every action.
Ugly, but loyal doggie.
Radial menus handle most battle commands.
Characters get bloody after battle.
Inventory screen. One of many menus.
Your family is heading out to do battle.
The castle is attacked at night.
Gruesome finishing moves.
Special attacks can inflict debuffed states.

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