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Dragon Knight II Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Cute Elf logo
Some story...
A nice view over Phoenix
Takeru is wandering around in the forest
Recognize the guy? he is actually called Baan, but you might know him as Rolf from "Knights of Xentar"
Baan is upset
I didn't come here to read books!
In the town
Come on, wiseman, spill out your beans...
Character information
Well, at least that was clear
Oooooh, baby! Shall we... ahem... "level up"?!
Inventory screen
The stubborn girl won't let you in
Trying to stay in the inn
Buying weapons and armor
Visiting a magic user
Standard dungeon
In front of a door
Tower entrance
Battle! A random enemy attacks
The enemy becomes much cuter when you defeat her...
Another one of Mesaana's demonic minions
Sex instead of gore, isn't that wonderful?

PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu
This is Vaan, whom you might know as Rolf from Knights of Xentar!
This magic book will make every girl want to have sex with you!.. Nah, just messing with ya
You know, I've always liked bunnies... They have those long sexy legs... I mean ears
Main town "hub"
What is she doing in such a place?..
Hero's stats
The inn
Love the eyebrows
The silly-looking drugstore owner and his lovely daughters
Magic place. Dig the mustache!
The girl won't let me in the tower
Love the eyebrows. Specific conversation choices
The old man tells you a story
Once all was well... Girls wore sexy clothes... wait, they still do
Entering the dungeon!
Enemy appears! Battle commands
That's how the battle ends. Work first, pleasure after, so to say
Staircase in a dungeon
Door in a dungeon
I am killed. Game Over. What a terrible, horrible disappointment

Sharp X68000 version

The guy known as Rolf in Knights of Xentar
Title screen
Town menu
Store owner with daughters
Nice moustache
The stereotypical old man
In the dungeon

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
The evil, evil witch
Intro: some information about the town Phoenix
Our hero, Takeru, is walking through woods
This is Baan, whom you might know as Rolf from "Knights of Xentar"
Read books instead of playing games!
No fantasy game is complete without an omniscient old man
Ooooh, baby! Can you do a Special Bunny Massage for a tired adventurer?
Main menu in town
Equipment screen
Character information
Weapon shop
Visiting a magic user
Meeting a little girl in the cemetery
You cannot enter the tower yet
The old man tells you about the terrible things that happened to the country
Once it was a beautiful place...
A standard first-person 3D dungeon
Fighting a random sexy enemy
The poor sexy enemy is killed by you...
In front of a door
Attacked by an evil sexy warrior and her dog
Somehow I knew this will be the end...