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Nintendo DSCubed3 (May 19, 2011)
Dragon Quest VI feels like any previous Dragon Quest episode, with its very old-school look and sound, and the way it plays... only everything is bigger, longer, and more varied. The playable characters are more diverse and well-developed (mostly thanks to the party talk option added for this DS version), the quests are a bit more original, and the different locations are more imaginative. It's easy to understand why Japanese gamers love this episode more than most.
Nintendo DSPAL Gaming Network (PALGN) (Jun 15, 2011)
Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie is quite possibly the best entry in the series. It offers a ton of content, an engaging and massive quest, and some really addictive mechanics. The vocation system alone makes it a joy to play and the in-game world itself is a fascinating place. It’s unfortunately bogged down by some of its retro conventions and the lazily recycled engine. At the end of the day, it really is one of the jewels of the genre, and one that any gamer can enjoy, especially those who are sick and tired of seeing ambiguous male characters and convoluted plots in Japanese RPGs. Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie wraps up the ‘Nintendo DS remake trilogy’ nicely by being the very best one yet.
Nintendo (May 19, 2011)
Avec ce remake DS de Dragon Quest VI s'achève la réédition de trois grands RPG de la Super Famicom. Une trilogie dont le public européen avait été injustement privé pendant plus de quinze ans et que nous avons enfin l'opportunité de découvrir en français dans les meilleures conditions possibles. Espérons que le succès du neuvième volet donnera envie aux nouvelles générations de se plonger dans la découverte de ces monstres sacrés du RPG.
Nintendo DSNintendo Life (Feb 20, 2011)
Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation might not be as flashy or intricate as Dragon Quest IX was, but that certainly doesn't keep the game from being every bit as charming and engaging. Square-Enix has once again retained all of the game's classic 16-bit style while still upgrading the various aspects of the game to make it look and feel like a much more modern RPG experience. If you're one of those RPG fans who can still appreciate a good old-fashioned turn-based role-playing adventure that doesn't deviate too far from the classic formula, Realms of Revelation should prove to be right up your alley and yet another fantastic addition to the impressive DS RPG library.
Nintendo DSVandal Online (May 24, 2011)
Dragon Quest VI es exactamente lo que prometía: el regreso de un juego de rol japonés clásico que compartió años con otros de los grandes, y que se mantuvo fiel a las señas de identidad de la serie. Precisamente ahí es donde está su mayor atractivo, pero también su dificultad para captar a nuevos seguidores. Dentro de su estilo, sigue siendo un grande, pero con todo en algunos aspectos de su diseño jugable se nota que han pasado ya unos cuantos añitos, y eso que Dragon Quest es una serie que ha introducido tradicionalmente poquísimas novedades y modificaciones a su fórmula establecida.
Nintendo DSOfficial Nintendo Magazine (May 20, 2011)
Dragon Quest IX is a more streamlined, better structured, more complex RPG with a more intriguing storyline but that's not to say DQVI isn't worth your time. Its villages are packed with charm and detail, battling is tough without being overly complicated and the gameplay opens up the more you play. The story could be better, but this is a 16-year-old game in prettier clothes.
Nintendo DSPower Unlimited (Apr, 2011)
Wanneer je als DS-bezitter deel 4, 5 en 9 met veel plezier hebt gespeeld, ga je met deel 6 geheid weer uit je dak. Omdat je de Dragon Quest-serie met elk willekeurig deel kunt beginnen, is dit ook voor nieuwkomers een mooi spel. Blijf hier echter verre van als je twijfels hebt bij bepaalde voortsukkelende elementen van de traditionele RPG.
Nintendo DSGame Informer Magazine (Feb 09, 2011)
While some RPGs blow their budgets trying to craft a complex world with reams of backstory, the Dragon Quest games have always painted in much broader strokes, dealing unashamedly in the style of fetch quests that have become stereotypes in the genre. Realms of Revelation may be the single most ambitious game ever to be stuck within this tried-and-true formula.
Nintendo DSGameTrailers (Feb 15, 2011)
The DS has been good to RPG fans over the years, so it's somewhat poetic that Dragon Quest VI sees the system off into the sunset. It's a game that lets veterans reminisce over days gone by, while allowing newcomers to revel in a golden era they may have otherwise never known. If you've haven't experienced the Dragon Quest series yet, now's the time to jump in.
Nintendo DSNintendoWorldReport (Feb 22, 2011)
This is, after all, a Dragon Quest game. Removing a few specifics can make this a review of nearly any of the nine games in the series, and while the comfort of the series is welcome, the more trying aspects have grown thin over time. Perhaps it is because Dragon Quest IX felt a touch more modern than VI, but I found myself losing interest much more quickly after the first fifteen hours. Still, the core game remains enjoyable, and as predicted, I can assure fans of the series that they will have plenty of fun. I wouldn't, however, recommend this to new Dragon Quest players, who should instead play the more user-friendly IX.
Nintendo DSWorth Playing (Feb 28, 2011)
Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation does a lot of things right. Its only real problem is that it is overshadowed by things that have come both before and after. With Dragon Quest V or Dragon Quest IX available, it's tough to say what Dragon Quest VI has going for it. If you've already finished the previous games and are hankering for more Dragon Quest, there's a lot to like here. The characters are funny, the translation is top-notch, and the combat system easy to learn. You may get lost from time to time or be forced to grind to beat a boss, but the game is so well paced that this rarely feels like a roadblock. It's not the best of the series, but Dragon Quest VI is a great game and well worth your time and money.
Nintendo DSDigital Chumps (Feb 21, 2011)
Dragon Quest VI is yet another strong installment to the series. Though it wasn't able to surpass DQIII in terms of my overall love for the game, I did feel a similar sense of adventure due to the game's sheer magnitude of areas to explore. Though the game doesn't garner the same storytelling prowess as the previous two DS remakes (or even DQIX for that matter), it makes up for the presentation flaws through its size and depth. Newcomers to the series might want to start their Dragon Quest experience with IV, V, or IX but for fans or those who are looking for more Zenethian adventures, Realms of Revelation is a lengthy addition to the DS's Dragon Quest lineup.
Nintendo DSSpazio Games (May 20, 2011)
Certo, la grande quantità di combattimenti da sostenere, perlopiù casuali, ed un sistema di salvataggio non propriamente dei più comodi, come il fatto che il titolo non conduca per mano il giocatore come sembra ormai essere prassi comune, potrebbero costituire un deterrente all'acquisto per chi è cresciuto con altri standard, ma d'altronde, a parte la parentesi costituita da Sentinelle del Cielo, questo è quello che questa storica serie ha sempre proposto. Prendere o lasciare.
Nintendo DSRetroGame Man (Jul 14, 2016)
Overall, I enjoyed this journey! It is a long adventure with cool characters, unique story ideas, and a cool battle system that is made more interesting with the addition of the class system. There is still some clunky menu and saving mechanics, but it does not ruin the experience! If you have not been won over by JRPGs up to this point, this game will not win you over, but if JRPGs are your thing, you are in for a grand adventure!
Nintendo DSArmchair Empire, The (Mar 27, 2011)
Put simply, Dragon Quest VI is exactly the same as the five games before it, and lacks the visual innovations of its console successors (or the recent 3D-laden Dragon Quest IX). If you weren’t swayed by its predecessors, then move along, but for everyone else, this is another standout entry in a series that stubbornly yet successfully stands by its trusted traditions that makes the series a continued classic across the world.
Nintendo (May 18, 2011)
C'est avec une certaine fierté qu'on termine le dernier épisode de cette trilogie sur DS. Pas de grosses ficelles, de twists absurdes, Dragon Quest VI Realms of Reverie préfère jouer sur l'ambivalence de l'illusion et de la réalité, lui donnant ainsi un caractère au moins aussi mélancolique que ses prédécesseurs taillés dans la même pierre. Même système calibré, même durée de vie : l'efficacité brute. En fait, le seul souci de cet épisode, c'est d'être un « fils-de », toujours comparé à son père. À part cet Oedipe, on a entre les mains un jeu de rôle japonais old-school comme on les aime, du festin 5 étoiles. Excellent, pour toujours.
Nintendo (May 26, 2011)
Dragon Quest VI fußt im Wesentlichen auf identischen technischen und spielerischen Grundpfeilern wie seine beiden Vorgänger. Die größten Unterschiede stellen die duale Weltstruktur und das flexible Jobsystem dar, was insgesamt für ein dezent abwechslungsreicheres Spielerlebnis sorgt. Trotzdem merkt man auch dem Wandler zwischen den Welten sein Alter deutlich an: Die Inszenierung der Story wird heutigen Maßstäben kaum mehr gerecht, die biederen Zufallskämpfe beginnen schnell zu nerven und das limitierte Speichersystem kann trotz insgesamt moderaten Schwierigkeitsgrads schnell für Frust sorgen. Der Zahn der Zeit hat jedenfalls deutlich stärker an Dragon Quest VI genagt als beispielsweise an einem Final Fantasy IV oder Chrono Trigger. Trotzdem lohnt sich die liebevoll präsentierte Reise in die Vergangenheit, in der nicht nur Retro-Fans ein Stück Videospielgeschichte charmant aufbereitet nacherleben können.
Nintendo DSNZGamer (Jun 14, 2011)
Some of the original game’s grandeur and visual impact may have been lost in its transition to the small screen, but much of the original charm remains. The story is engaging and you’re guaranteed many, many hours of playing time. Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reveries offers great value for money, and a truckload of classic, turn-based JRPG fun.
Nintendo DSGameSpot (Mar 14, 2011)
Optional content keeps this lengthy adventure exciting. You might spend 50 hours completing the main quest line alone, and exploring the game's two vast worlds really boosts that amount of time. Mini-medals return, which item collectors can trade for fantastic gear. Enthusiastic explorers will enjoy scouring the ocean bottom for hidden treasure, while battle veterans may delve into an intense bonus dungeon to face a secret foe. Fun minigames also abound, including a fashion show and an adorable slime coliseum, where the lively blobs battle for prizes. You can find high-stakes casinos and a curling minigame with multiple stages as well. Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation feels much like its predecessors, but that's because it focuses on what the series does best: blending absorbing gameplay with an ambitious plot. Though it might not revolutionize the franchise, this massive adventure is well worth its 16-year wait.
Nintendo DSRPGFan (Jul 07, 2011)
If you're a Dragon Quest fan, you'll pick this up regardless of my review, especially if you've never played the game in any other form before. If you're new to the series, start with IV, as it is a far superior game in terms of storytelling and overall enjoyment. Bottom Line: you won't find anything new in Realms of Revelation, but hey, that's Dragon Quest.
Nintendo DS1UP (Feb 14, 2011)
So for series newcomers, I'll say this: put this one aside for now and play through Dragon Quest IV and V first. If you're hungry for more, then I can wholeheartedly recommend the final entry in the Zenithia trilogy. What it lacks in sophistication it manages to make up for in being longer and more difficult, which should be more than enough to please ardent fans, if not more casual RPG enthusiasts.
Nintendo DSRPGamer (Feb 28, 2011)
Dragon Quest VI is not going to convince anyone who despises the series that it deserves a reassessment. The random encounter rate can be vexing, and the means by which vocations are mastered requires lots of grinding. The game tells a fascinating story, but without a lot of dialog to flesh out the protagonists' personalities. The game's world is quite interesting to behold and explore, however, a quality not every game can be said to possess. Its addictive nature will ensnare anyone with even a hint of fondness for the Dragon Quest series, and will work quite well as an introduction to the games for any who are curious.
Nintendo DSIGN (Feb 18, 2011)
Dragon Quest VI will appeal to a very limited demographic of gamers. While Dragon Quest VI’s archaic nature is exactly what hardcore Dragon Quest fans and some JRPG fans crave, it will turn just about everyone else off. It’s cool that western audiences finally get to play this game, but as far as RPG throwbacks are concerned, I can think of many better ones. It’s especially disheartening considering the fact that Dragon Quest VI harkens from the golden age of JRPGs, but with so many JRPGs released over the past twenty-five years, you may feel like I do – that there’s really only enough time to spend with the great ones.
Nintendo DSGamingExcellence (May 11, 2011)
It's evident that both the storyline and characters aren't a big focus in the game, so much so you may feel your head pounding from it. Yet even with that said, the game manages to take dozens of hours to complete. When you consider this game is over 15 years old and it was originally on the Famicom, it isn't really all that bad, though by today's standards it isn't all that great either. In the end, if you like this kind of game, complete with turn-based fights and random encounters, then you'll have next to nothing to complain about, but for those who find this isn't their cup of tea, they'll be hard-pressed to find many things they like.
Nintendo DSGame Shark (Mar 09, 2011)
I wouldn't say that Dragon Quest VI is a bad game, it just lacks a lot of the modern conveniences that JRPGs have incorporated since the game was initially released. For some fans, they won't mind this at all and the ability to play the last of the Zenithia trilogy is worth giving up some modernity. For me though, Dragon Quest VI felt a lot like camping in the woods when there was a slew of hotels, complete with cable tv and running water just over the rise. I wouldn't fault someone for wanting to stay in the woods; I'd just rather have room service.
Nintendo DSCheat Code Central (Feb 23, 2011)
Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation can be described as simple, even casual. If it weren't for a few difficult boss fights, "Baby's First RPG" might be an appropriate description. There isn't much to challenge the mind, but it also doesn't test one's patience. It's perfect for someone who wants an easy bit of distraction to add to their sitting-around time, and it's something that a challenge-seeker should avoid.
Nintendo DSGameplay (Benelux) (Jun 24, 2011)
De achterwaartse salto in de tijd die Dragon Quest maakt, gaat naadloos samen met de terugval in kwaliteit. Het interessante verhaal is het enige wat deze bejaarde titel belet van zijn nek compleet te breken.
Nintendo (May 30, 2011)
Definitely one of the lesser entries in the Dragon Quest franchise, but still a loving remake for those that can stomach the overfamiliarity.