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    Having debuted the original Dragon Warrior for the NES way back in '89, Enix has as good as claim as anyone to launching the RPG genre. After four more Dragon Warrior games, the series swerved into Pokémon territory for its Game Boy debut in September 1998. Japanese RPG fans responded eagerly, snapping up more than 2 million copies of Dragon Quest Monsters, as the game is known there. Now U.S. players can get in on the fun.

    As Terry, the young hero, your quest to save your kidnapped sister takes you to a strange world inside a giant tree (shades of Zelda 64's Deku Tree!). The king offers to help Terry find his sister under one condition, that he becomes the world's most powerful "Monster Master" by capturing, breeding and training monsters.

    Within the magical tree, the Chamber of Travelers' Gates leads to mystic worlds of mountains, caves and forests. By entering tournaments and defeating other monster masters, you open up new Travelers' Gates, which give you access to new areas with stronger monsters.

    The monsters fight with a mix of Special and Magic skills, which are further broken down into attack, defense and healing/revival categories. Three monsters can accompany Terry at any time, while the others must mature at the Monster Farm.

    There are no Poké Balls here. Instead, Terry must first defeat a monster, then hope that it asks to join him. The monsters come from seven different families, including Beast, Demon and Slime. Each family has 15 to 25 species, for more than 200 species in all.

    In perhaps the most notable departure from the Pokémon model, monsters can be bred in more than 40,000 combinations! Offspring have their parents' special abilities.

    Thanks to the Game Link cable, you can mate one of your monsters with a friend's. You can also fight a friend's monsters, even betting your monster on the outcome.

    All the characters is in the Dragon Warrior series are designed by manga artist Akira Toriyama, whose other impressive credits include the Dragon Ball series and Chrono Trigger for the Super NES. Toriyama has enjoyed solid success with U.S. gamers. His Dragon Warrior Monsters is a provocative twist on the hit Pokémon formula of finding, capturing and training creatures.

    Dragon Warrior Monsters is compatible with Game Boy pocket and the classic Game Boy as well as Game Boy Color.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65800) on Jul 24, 2005.

Back of box:
    In Dragon Warrior Monsters, enter Terry's Wonderland, a magical place of kings, monsters and magic spells. Make monsters your allies to fight through the dangers that lie ahead in the long quest. Find your kidnapped sister and become the most powerful monster master in the world!

    Each monster has unique special skills to use in battle. Train and treat them well, and you'll be victorious! Over 40,000 different combinations - can you breed the rarest and most powerful monsters?

  • Over 200 cute & cool monsters to collect, tame, and train.
  • Breed your trained monsters to make more powerful monsters, each receiving special skills from their parent monsters.
  • Play solo, or use the Game Link cable to link two Game Boy game systems and battle and breed with your friends' monsters.
  • A spin off of Japan's best selling RPG game, Enix's Dragon Quest.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69204) on Sep 05, 2002.