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atari saboteur

Dragon Warrior Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Title screen
Naming your hero
Talking to the stupid king :)
You have to use "Stairs" command whenever you want to ascend/descend stairs
Interaction menu
Character information
Battles have nice little backgrounds
On the world map
This town looks very similar to the one you started in...
How to reach that cave?..
The red color means you are near death
Stepping on those fields gets you poisoned

NES version

Original Japanese title screen
US Title screen
Choosing a name for your character
Starting the game
Walking around through castle grounds
Action menu: commands like "Open door", "Talk", "Search", "Equip", etc.
World map
A shop
A battle! Slime attacks!
Talking to a townsfolk
Deserted town
Death is everywhere
Castle of the main villain