Dragon War Gods: The Irkalla and Enkidu BonusContributed by Indra was here (20930) on Jun 19, 2003.

There are (only) 2 bonuses in Dragon Wars that are worth mentioning (other bonuses are usually quest-related):

1. Irkalla Bonus - Magan Underworld

This is a common bonus, any Dragon War fan should know this (unless they forgot). Just to refresh your memory, here is what to do:

  • First, you must please Irkalla, by praying at her statue and sacrificing an item of value until she is pleased(repeat several times if it fails, using weapon usually works). There are only statues of Irkalla in Dragon Wars: (1) West side of Purtagory and (2) Smuggler's Cove. If from Purtagory you can enter the Magan Underworld through the Apsu Waters near the statue.
  • Second, enter the Magan Underworld. Go to Irkalla's Temple (second North building). Irkalla's worshipers will let you in if you've pleased Irkalla. Enter the temple's backyard and jump into the abyss (beside the river). You will get 5 character points for each character.

    Valid once per game.

    2. Enkidu Bonus - Mystic Woods

    This is rare bonus which I found completely by accident. At Enkidu's Temple you can summon the presence of the Beast God Endiku. This is either done by:
  • Using the Beast Horn on the spot, or
  • Using the attribute 'Spirit'

    Enkidu will appear a challenge one of your character's to a duel. Choose a character with the strength of minimal 19-20. If rejected - "Not strong enough" (or you want that particular character), keep trying it until Enkidu accepts your challenge.

    After defeating Enkidu (automatically, if accepted), Enkidu will choose that character as his champion. Thus, receiving Druid Magic Level 2 and its spells, except for Brambles, Invoke Spirit and Soften Stone. You will also receive a full power up and protection from the locals (beasts I mean).

    Valid only once per game.


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