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Drakkhen Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen.
Starting a new game.
Character inventory and status. Your party starts without any gear or weapons equipped!
Monsters attack soon after you start.
The game uses an early primitive 3D engine for the environment.
Approaching a small castle.
A shark leaped from the moat and devoured a party member. The mage attempts to enter using invisibility.
Electricity bars the entrances.
With the electricity gone, monsters come from the passages and defeat the party.
Creating a custom character.
Accept the dice or reroll up to three times.
Another attempt is cut short by a dragon attack!
Flame breath quickly kills the low level party.
This time a house is discovered.
Getting clues inside the house.
A giant demonic dog's head appears from the ground!
The party fights bravely but it is futile.
Game over.

Atari ST version

Title screen
The starting location
Getting my ass kicked.
Game over

DOS version

The Title Screen
The party members encounter a building.
The old man appears occasionaly and gives hints.
A crocodile attacks! The combat is resolved inreal time. That means: all party members start bashing on their victim.
In the icy north of the island, a temple may be found.
Inside the temple. The priest heals wounded heroes.
The party is about to enter the ice palace of the dragon princess of air.
Inside the princess' castle. The heroes grapple with some drake guards.
Another fine fight. This time, a spidery creature has made its last careless approach.
Approching the castle, our party admires the sunset. Drakkhen contains a day-night-cycle.

FM Towns version

Title screen
Character creation
Getting started
Status screen

PC-98 version

Title screen
Wow, that's nice :)
Character creation: beginning...
Drag those numbers to assign parameters
Let's get started...
We were killed!
Character information

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Language selection, this is one of the very few X68000 games you can play in French, German and Italian as well as English and Japanese
Character creation (Japanese mode)
First things first, party members need to be clothed and armed (English mode)
Got into a fight
Gathered the party together by pressing Enter, now on to Hordtkhen's Castle
Well here we are, anyway if you're wondering what happened with one character, she got eaten by a shark... true story
Met a hunchback in the castle (Japanese mode)
A giant dog head popped out of the ground and is about to wipe out my party (Japanese mode)
Game over (Japanese mode)

SNES version

Title screen together with the story
Starting the game
You are mighty enough to cast magi spells and to kill trolls, but you just can't swim. What an end for the brave warriors...
Pausing a battle and assigning a command to your characters
We meet a suspiciously looking sorcerer. We first kill him, and then ask questions
Dungeon with puzzles
Character information
This shining dude will appear from time to time and annoy us
This is real internal clock. When we were approaching crossroads, the sun set behind the mountains
It was completely dark when we got all killed by a purple lizard
Nice people! I wonder if they bite...
World map
The crescent was shining beautifully, but nothing could be done against this very big and very nasty black guy
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful!
Fight against zombie... quite heavy fight for low-level warriors
I'm drowning! -I too!
Tower entrance
Dusk and fight
He warns us
Game Over

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