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Nintendo DSGame Vortex (2007)
The overall presentation of Drawn to Life is definitely aimed at a young audience, but the gameplay is suitable for old and young alike. Which is good, because creating art to be used in videogames is likely to be a dream for children of all ages. Get your stylus ready; it's time to live the dream.
Nintendo DSModojo (Sep 19, 2007)
The DS is packed with plenty of great videogame experiences, and it would be unfortunate if Drawn to Life was forever buried under them and ignored due to its seemingly gimmicky drawing aspect. But where others would reject the title for what they feel is an attempt to hide its average gameplay behind a flashy artistic angle, I would say the game is elevated well above mediocrity by inserting this creation angle into a very played out genre. Drawn to Life has a color and personality far beyond the majority of platformers, and is a perfect fit for the DS functionality to boot, already giving it a good headstart on its competitors quality. Hopefully the incoming holiday rush doesn't resign this one to become an overlooked gem.
Nintendo DSGame Tap (Sep 26, 2007)
Ultimately, however, the uniqueness and enjoyment of being able to create so much of the world yourself makes this one worth playing, even if the gameplay isn't as original and entertaining as the artistic parts. Pros: Fun and accessible design tools; awesome to see your creations in the game; cute aesthetic. Cons: Not incredibly interesting gameplay; parts in town can get boring thanks to a lot of random running around; dialogue gets long-winded.
Nintendo DSCheat Code Central (2007)
It's clear that Drawn to Life is partially geared towards younger gamers, but that doesn't mean there's not a lot here for everyone. On the contrary, Drawn to Life is a great example of a game that successfully walks the line between new and older territory, offering a package that appeals to a broad age-group. Despite a few areas which could be improved on, it's a great entry title into what hopefully becomes a new franchise. It's a title we'd love to see grow and expand into the future.
Nintendo DSDarkstation (2007)
In the end Drawn to Life may not be the most impressive all around experience, however it is certainly a unique and fun game to play. It gives a rather simple yet effective approach to to a very enjoyable concept. Some will have more fun playing with the drawing aspect and others will enjoy the game for what it is, either way it's a fun experience.
Nintendo DSEntertainment Depot, The (Jan 04, 2008)
I found Drawn to Life to be a pleasant experience, with charming characters that made me want to see what would happen next. As a straight up platformer, it’s not that special, but the inclusion of the drawing mechanics manages to give old conventions a fresh spin. It’s rated E for Everyone but really by “Everyone” they mean “everyone twelve and under,” and depending on how good an artist you are some of your creations might look downright out of place when put next to the game’s cartoonish art style.
Nintendo DSGame Freaks 365 (2007)
Overall, Drawn to Life is a very creative concept, and it will be interesting to see how THQ and other companies expand on it during the rest of the DS's lifespan. If you are a fan of platformers and are also an aspiring artist, this is probably the perfect game for you. If you are merely a fan of platformers, you can just color in the objects one color and still get a somewhat engaging experience from the game itself. Either way, most platformer fans will find something to like with Drawn to Life.
Nintendo DSIGN (Sep 10, 2007)
We’re not saying the creation aspects aren’t fun – they are – but that’s the extent of the game’s depth as well. For those that are fine with an overly-predictable experience (creation aspects aside) you’ll still be met with great style, impressive animation, some truly beautiful music, and an overall product that’s got an astounding amount of polish to what’s there. And seeing that it’s a kids game, most of the title’s target audience will have just as much fun doodling on the interactive title screen or creating assets as they will furthering the adventure anyways. As a total package Drawn to Life is truly unique, a ton of fun, and a no-brainer for younger DS owners; just don’t expect more than an open canvas and some by-the-books platforming.
Nintendo DSPower Unlimited (2007)
De mogelijkheid elementen van de spelwereld zelf vorm te geven, is goed uitgewerkt maar wel erg simpel gehouden. Hetzelfde geldt voor de overige gameplay elementen, waardoor Drawn to Life de ervaren gamer weinig te bieden heeft en met name interessant is voor de kleintjes.
Nintendo DSNZGamer (2007)
Drawn to Life is by no means a bad game, it's just a simple one with innovative mechanics thrown into the mix. Until they can implement this mechanic into a cleverly designed platformer, Drawn to Life will remain best suited for a younger audience. However, that doesn't mean everyone else with a DS shouldn't at least give the game a shot.
Nintendo DS4Players.de (Sep 11, 2007)
Schau einer an, so hat man sich also eine simple Variante von »Game 2.0« vorzustellen - interessant. Ob das jetzt Anlass sein sollte, den Entwicklern Faulheit vorzuwerfen, ist nicht meine Entscheidung, ich finde es aber sehr cool, meinen ganz persönlichen Teil zum Leveldesign beizutragen - und das, obwohl sich meine zeichnerische Begabung ungefähr auf dem Niveau eines betrunkenen Pavians bewegt. Das Spiel ist liebevoll designt, bietet viele putzige Extras (das bemalbare Titelbild und die ausdrucksstarken Denkblasen der Figuren sind nur zwei Beispiele) und einen bemerkenswerten Umfang. Allerdings ist es für erfahrene Spieler kaum eine Herausforderung, Level- und allgemeines Design richten sich eher an Jump-n-Run-Einsteiger. Und der ständige Wechsel zwischen Digi- und Touchpad geht auf Dauer dezent auf die Nerven. Nichtsdestotrotz: Ein fröhliches Abenteuer voller frischer Ideen, das man gerne immer wieder rauskramt, um die eine oder andere angenehme Viertelstunde zu verbringen.
Nintendo DSGamer Within (Nov 05, 2007)
Overall, Drawn to Life’s well executed drawing mechanic coupled with its engrossing visuals, great level design and pleasant sound quality, is just enough to recommend the game as a purchase if only for curiosities sake. There is a good length available and you will be drawing plenty throughout your adventure, but the lack of challenge can have the ability to make some put the game down after a couple of hours, for those willing to hang in there is still plenty of reward on offer as the game does have a solid story to tie everything together. But it no doubt creates a new platform in which other games can easily build off. Well worth a look if you’re the creative type.
Nintendo DSWorth Playing (Oct 09, 2007)
It seemed 5th Cell had the right idea with Drawn to Life, and they are definitely moving in a positive direction. The drawing is spot-on, and if they could clean up the platforming, make a more intricate plot and present us with characters we care about, they could have a true classic on their hands. Drawn to Life is good on its own, but it gives the impression that it's the first step to something greater.
Nintendo DSPAL Gaming Network (PALGN) (Oct 10, 2007)
Drawn to Life is a title that should provide quite a number of delightful hours to kids and adults alike. Its platforming is laid back, and although not overly innovative, when you add in the charming fact that that you can illustrate sections of its world into being, the game which would probably not stand out otherwise is taken to a whole new level and ends up evolving into a fun little experience.
Nintendo DSGame Chronicles (Nov 27, 2007)
Although it’s clearly geared toward younger gamers, Drawn to Life offers an entertaining new spin on the classic sidescroller formula that can appeal to older players, as well. Something of a bizarre mash-up between a classic 2D platformer and a coloring book, it may not be perfect, but it’s a fun and innovative title that makes great use of the DS’s unique capabilities and that will hopefully grow into a continuing franchise that builds on this strong start.
Nintendo DSDaily Game (Dec 18, 2007)
Drawn to Life makes excellent use of the DS touch pad by allowing you to easily design your own characters, weapons, and various transports. Unfortunately, the rest of the game can become quite a chore and often becomes redundant.
Nintendo DSGame Revolution (Oct, 2007)
The Technicolor clichés of Drawn To Life are merely a candy coating for children. Do not (repeat: do not) buy this game for its drawing feature, but look beyond its cutesy appearance and you’ll find a perfectly good tale with some perfectly good action.
Nintendo DSGameZone (Sep 27, 2007)
In the following breakdown of Gameplay, Concept, etc… it is very important to not just read the numbers. This game does different things; some well, some not so much. Drawn To Life is strongly recommended for younger gamers, but because it didn’t appeal to me as an experienced gamer (reflecting the readership of this gaming site) I’m giving it an average score.
Nintendo DSGameSpot (Sep 17, 2007)
Drawn to Life is ultimately best served for players who haven't spent their lives playing the variety of different platformers this game borrows from. Its drawing mechanic is something anyone can appreciate, but the gameplay itself is so simplistic that older audiences may get bored with it after an hour or two. Still, it's easily charming enough to win over younger kids and casual players, and it's an innovative and unique piece of work that's certainly worth at least a cautious look by any DS owner.
Nintendo DSNintendo Front (Oct 11, 2007)
Drawn to life ist ein Spiel mit Suchfaktor, das aber leider nach gut vier bis fünf Stunden für jeden guten Gamer ein Ende findet. Denn leider ist der Schwierigkeitsgrad sehr niedrig gehalten, wobei dies sehr logisch ist, da das Game ohne Altersfreigabe von jedem gespielt werden kann. Trotz kleinerer Mängel wie Gegnerstärke, mittelmäßige Grafik und mieser Sound, hat das Spiel doch das gewisse etwas, denn mit der Zeit will man wissen, welcher Bewohner kommt als nächstes ins Dorf, was muss ich als nächstes finden. Leider folgt auf diese Euphorie die totale Ernüchterung: Wenn man wieder ins Level geht, sagt man sich: Muss ich wieder vier Seiten und drei Dorfbewohner finden? Da sollte der Entwickler für Teil zwei, sollte er kommen, dringend dran arbeiten. Ansonsten ist Drawn to life ein gutes Spiel, das nicht nur für Künstler gemacht wurde.
Nintendo DSGamers' Temple, The (2007)
The problem, at least for me, is how much drawing is required. Granted it's pretty obvious from the title, but I'm not good at it and therefore it got a little frustrating to have to keep doing something I was so bad at. It was fun the first few times I needed to draw something and see it in the game, but it did grow old for me. Maybe if the platforming parts were more original I would have had a better experience, but the actual gameplay was just too simple.
Nintendo DSJolt (UK) (Oct 21, 2007)
As a game, Drawn to Life is better than average. As a piece of software that is establishing new standards and goals for others to follow and try and better, Drawn to Life is a very special piece of software that you should experience. It shows that there is huge potential for games that let users create more than just a standard character – if only other companies would grow a set and let their developers use their imaginations more.
Nintendo DSGood Game (Oct 23, 2007)
I think we’re going to see this feature used in future games if it’s done as well as this. It’s a great one for families as everyone will get some fun out of it. 7 pixellated chickens from me.
Nintendo DSGameSpy (Sep 14, 2007)
Drawn to Life doesn't feature any multiplayer options, aside from being able to share heroes and other drawings with friends who also have a copy of the game, but the single-player story mode gives you your money's worth. Older gamers will likely find it too cutesy, but younger gamers -- especially budding videogame artists -- will find a lot to like here.
Nintendo DSCubed3 (Sep 22, 2007)
Drawn To Life can keep on colouring as far as we're concerned. While it pushes all the right buttons and is worthy of a playthrough, there isn't enough of a challenge for the older gamer, but for the audience at which it is mainly targeted it is perfect. The drawing mechanic is excellent, and we can't see how it couldn't bring at least a little joy to any gamer who plays it. We hope this is the start of a long relationship between 5th Cell and DS, and can only wish that whatever they do next matches or surpasses this.
Nintendo DSGameplayer (Australia) (Oct 29, 2007)
Drawn to Life is packed with potential, and certainly presents a good starting point for what we hope will become a long running franchise on the Nintendo DS. In the future we’d like to see the concept evolve to allow the player a bit more freedom in terms of deciding when to draw an object in game, rather than simply painting over an empty space in the level. Regardless, this is a solid and otherwise unoriginal platform game, with a neat user-creation slant that’s sure to please the younger gamers (and us immature ones too).
Nintendo DSGame Shark (Oct 17, 2007)
Hopefully Drawn to Life will turn into a series of games that all capture the whimsy of this outing and build upon the already rock solid drawing and coloring mechanics. Older players may find that the generic platforming isn’t enough to hold their interest past the drawing and coloring, but younger players who weren’t raised on Mario will find plenty to love. With some gameplay tweaks, THQ and 5th Cell have a real diamond in the rough here and should be applauded for bringing something new to the table.
Nintendo DSGood Game (Oct 23, 2007)
The platform side of things whilst OK really is nothing special and the amount of text you have to A button through brings it down, just like Super Paper Mario. I wish the writers would take a big red pen and edit out about half of it. But I did enjoy being the “CREATOR” - it’s a six and a half from me.
Nintendo DSJeuxvideo.com (Sep 26, 2007)
Drawn To Life offre un principe de jeu intéressant et totalement inédit qui consiste à dessiner soi-même le personnage que l'on contrôle et la plupart des éléments avec lesquels on pourra interagir dans les niveaux. Dommage que les phases de plate-forme soient aussi convenues et surtout que la durée de vie soit aussi restreinte, d'autant que l'aventure se révèle excessivement facile.
Nintendo DSNintendo Spin (Oct 17, 2007)
Drawn to Life is at first a very entertaining game. There is so much you are allowed to draw yourself, from your character to the gust of wind that helps him/her fly with the wings you made. If you are a big fan of user-created content, you will love this game. But when you take away the drawing aspect, you realize there isn't much left to hold Drawn to Life together. This is a basic, often boring platformer interchanged with some ridiculous fetch-quest town segments. Being able to draw as you play can only stay novel for so long. After that, there's little reason to continue when you've got games like New Super Mario Bros. that do platforming ten times better.
Nintendo DSConsoles Plus (Nov, 2007)
Les débutants peuvent se laisser tenter, mais les vieux routards attendront la station suivante pour se ravitailler.
Nintendo DSG4 TV: X-Play (Oct 30, 2007)
Drawn to Life is perfect for younger or novice gamers who enjoy the artistic aspects the game offers and prefer their action lightweight. It’s a great concept and overall, done well, but once you get over the stylus drawing and coloring pad gimmick. The actual gameplay isn’t strong enough to hold the attention of older players.
Nintendo DSThunderbolt Games (Sep 20, 2007)
Drawn to Life is one of those few games that couldn’t have been done a portable console other than a DS. As such, it earns merit points for being unique and entertaining. However, the underlying gameplay is not the reason for this; after the drawing gimmick wears itself thin, there’s nothing else solid enough to rest upon once you’re ready to land. Kids and their parents will have a ball with this, though - so too, will the casual gaming audience. On the other hand, core gamers will see it for what it really is - a good idea tucked away into a second-rate platformer.
Nintendo DSEurogamer.net (UK) (Sep 26, 2007)
It's a bit of a shame because, as said, it's conceptually a good idea that at least encourages some form of creativity. If they had found a way to improve the platforming, or just focused solely on the RPG adventure parts, we could have been looking at something a lot better
Nintendo DSGamestyle (2007)
Drawn to Life is a great example of a game which uses the DS very well. Being able to create the look of the main character, and the environment around him, is a great feature, but unfortunately it’s the only exceptional aspect of the game. Once the novelty of this has worn off (which will happen quite quickly) the rest of the game is pretty standard and offers nothing new. It will have more appeal to younger gamers, and the more creative people out there, but if you’re after anything other than a solid platform game, you should probably look elsewhere.
Nintendo DSGamersMark (Nov 25, 2007)
While Drawn to Life can bring out the creativity in gamers, it did nothing to showcase the creativity of its designers. The action is bland and there is too much fluff keeping people from the main style of gameplay. Curious gamers will find a playable title and a fairly competent drawing interface, but a fair amount of tedium as well.
Nintendo DS1UP (Sep 11, 2007)
It's a great game for a younger DS audience who will be thrilled simply by seeing their creations run around the screen and get wrapped up in the narrative (and maybe even trade creations with their friends), but older gamers will find disappointment around every turn in the creative freedom that it hints at but never truly delivers on.
Nintendo DSGotNext (Dec 12, 2007)
With all the attention paid to the other aspects, it's a shame that Drawn to Life fails in this respect. The story and setting are cute and fun and the drawing aspect is nicely integrated into the whole package, but this is supposed to be a game, not an interactive story and art experience. Drawn to Life goes as far as it can on charm, but unfortunately that's just not enough to recommend it.

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