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atari kombinera

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.8
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Overall User Score (25 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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The Next Level (USA) (Aug 05, 2001)
Bangai-O offers enough raw, delicious, frenetic gameplay to make it more than worth the effort of hunting it down (as I imagine it's rather rare by now). If you're a fan of shooters, go buy it. You'll thank me; and if you're not...beat up Hero and "borrow" his copy. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised; I know I did.
IGN (Jan 17, 2001)
Gripes? I really can't think of too many, though I think it would've been nice to add a two-player mode to the game. While the overall music is alright, it could be revved up a bit more. The visuals aren't exactly state of the art, especially since this game is technically over a year old. Then again, when some of you readers see the 2D visuals, you might start making comparisons saying it doesn't look anything more than a glorified Robotron. But I implore you readers to give this wondrous 2D shooting game a chance, and if you die a few times or so, don't shut it off. Just keep blowing up more stuff, evading the numerous missiles and enemies, and collecting more fruit. Maybe you'll start to feel that satisfaction of surviving an onslaught of baddies without getting hit, and from there, you'll get that thrill as you release hundreds of missiles on your pitiful foes. Maybe then, you'll "get" why the 2D shooting genre is definitely a treasure that should not be forgotten.
Thunderbolt Games (Sep 01, 2004)
Developers Treasure have a long and distinguished history in this genre, with classics such as Radiant Silvergun, Guardian Heroes and Sin and punishment in their softography to name but three. Bangai-o can hold its head up and stand proud amongst such distinguished company and deserves to be played by everyone who appreciates a quirkier and defiantly non-mainstream approach to game development.
Consoles News (Oct, 2000)
Quand l'éditeur culte du jeu d'action sur Megadrive se paye un trip nostalgique en pleine période 128 bits, le résultat combine le meilleur de deux époques. D'un côté, une réalisation nickel chrome portant la 2D au firmament ; de l'autre, un game play intuitif pour un shoot au peps extraordinaire. Comme il y en avait tant il y a 10 ans. Et comme on n'en voit plus assez...
Armchair Empire, The (May 07, 2001)
While so many developers are trying to woo the gaming masses with slick visuals and little more, Treasure has remembered that it’s the gameplay that is what is important and that is what Bangai-O is all about. If your in need of a new 2D shooter, or are just in the mood for an insanely addictive, engrossing game that will eat up countless hours of your life then Bangai-O is definitely a game to check out.
Planet Dreamcast (Mar 28, 2001)
For somebody who doesn't play many shooters and is not "hardcore," I had a blast with Bangai-O. I think whether or not you enjoy this game, will simply be a matter of whether or not you enjoy its gameplay. It does what it sets out to do very well. So if you're even remotely interested, go pick it up now and have fun. I know I did.
GameSpot (Jan 07, 2000)
Dreamcast owners craving a genuinely compelling gameplay experience would do well to check out Bangai-O. In an age of thick productions and thin gameplay, Bangai-O really has it where it counts: in truly compelling and addictive gameplay.
Netjak (Jun 03, 2004)
While trumped by Treasure's Ikaruga in popularity, Bangai-O remains one of the most innovative and genre-defiant experiences on the Dreamcast. It is a near-impeccable amalgam of concepts favored by some of gaming history's landmark titles, refined and reintroduced to the tune of a suitably bizarre story. It may not be a modern Chakan, nor will it appease graphics whores, but anybody seeking fast and frenzied gameplay will find in it a satisfying fix.
84 (Dec 16, 2001)
Bangai-o es un juego absolutamente genial. Es antiguo ¿Y qué? A veces se ralentiza ¿Y qué? Es 2D ¿Y qué? ¿Buscas diversión? Pues en las 44 fases llenas de enemigos, puzzles y explosiones de Bangai-o, encontrarás toneladas de ella.
Video Games (Jan, 2000)
Auf jeden Fall Hut ab vor Treasure, dass man sich traut, ein derart klassisches Gameplay-Konzept auf N64/DC zu veröffentlichen. Wer mit alten SNES-Shootern nichts anfangen kann, sollte deshalb die Finger davon lassen. Der Pest der Shooter-Gilde vergnügt sich in 25 Stages mit der motivierenden High-Scorej-Jagd. Dennoch: BMB offeriert weder optische noch spielerisch herausragende Kost - Freaks werden aber das gute klassische Gameplay zu schätzen wissen.
Defunct Games (May 01, 2005)
So, if a different company had made this game, say perhaps, a company that didn't know how to make shooter games, we might be able to look at it and say "nice effort, better luck next time". But Treasure, one of the most beloved companies in the world, went from Radiant Silvergun to this? I'd say its worth picking up, so you could say you have all of Treasure's shooters, if nothing else ... even the crappy one.
Video Games (Nov, 2000)
(PAL version)
Faszinierend – so einen aberwitzigen Shooter können nur die Jungs von Treasure „verbrechen“. Obwohl ich es eigentlich permanent nur mit Fuzzel-Sprites minimalster Größe zu tun habe, bleibe ich als alter Ballerspiel-Fan Level um Level bei Bangai-o kleben. Erwartet aber auch keinen Fall pompöse Action à la R-Type, Thunderforce oder Aleste, dieses Spiel regiert ein ganz eigenartiger, schwer zu charakterisierender Charme. Ein paar Extra-Waffen hätten aber sicher nicht geschadet. Unbedingt vor dem Kauf ansehen, wenn möglich! Wir freuen uns jedenfalls, dass es auch solche Exoten ins heimische PAL-Land schaffen.
It handles like a dream, using the D-pad and analogue stick to simultaneously move and dire. The cut-scenes and text are completely bonkers and nonsensical, but that just adds to the charm. Great fun, but beyond the novelty value, Bangai-O is pretty samey and won't hold your attention for ever.
The Video Game Critic (Jul 25, 2001)
Your firepower is, in a word, awesome. You can choose between guided or bouncing missiles, and can fire them non-stop. On top of that, your special attack unleashes hundreds of projectiles in all directions - all without any slowdown! Bangai-O has a few anime cut-scenes and plenty of weird Japanese humor. As you play through the various stages, the game automatically saves your place. Bangai-O is a nice change, but it does get repetitive.
Joypad (Sep, 2000)
Bangai-0 est une sorte d'ovni ludique assez divertissant, dans l'esprit tordu de Bishi-Bashi, mais reste un shoot'em up qui peut devenir lassant à la longue.

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