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The true heir to the Street Fighter series Robyrt (54) 3.25 Stars3.25 Stars3.25 Stars3.25 Stars3.25 Stars
The Vs. series just got better. Kartanym (12749) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Overall User Score (22 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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The Video Game Critic (Sep 09, 2001)
The graphics here are stellar, and the backgrounds are the best I've seen in any fighter, hands-down! Many of the stages have interesting intro sequences as well, and the excellent music is also worth noting. Finally, a "bonus points" system allows you to earn points and buy goodies.
Gaming Target (Oct 20, 2000)
If there is only one fighting game to get for the rest of the year, surely this is it. It may have its share of slight problems (C'mon, high-res Capcom, high-res!), but the stupendous gameplay is just too good to pass up. And the character color edit mode is just too cool as well. You must go out and get this one. Oh yeah, one last thing: Where's the air blocking?! Or at least give us air parrying!
Armchair Empire, The (Dec 12, 2000)
Capcom vs. SNK is a fighting game scenario that many fans of the genre have been waiting a long time for. So was it worth the wait? You bet!
90 (UK) (Feb 03, 2001)
It can be a little difficult to keep track of what's going on, and the temptation to win all rounds by exploiting the edge of screen character entrapment detracts a little from the challenge of the game, but this is very nearly as perfect a 2D fighter as you are ever going to get.
Meristation (Dec 12, 2000)
Los aficionados a este género, que somos muchos, estamos de enhorabuena. No todos los días las dos compañías que más gloria le han dado a los beat'em up se unen para crear una obra maestra como ésta. Y es que no puede clasificarse de otra forma. Es cierto que los modos que aquí hay presentes no son novedosos, e incluso es posible que puedan parecer insuficientes, pero no se puede negar el carisma de los personajes, el gran nivel técnico alcanzado y, por encima de todo, el cuidado con el que los programadores de Capcom han realizado este GD rom. En mi opinión, el mejor beat'em up 2d de la historia y uno de los mejores juegos de lucha que podemos encontrar para nuestra consola blanca. Si ya tenéis "Soul Calibur" y buscáis otro título de mamporros que no le ande muy a la zaga, este "Capcom vs Snk" no os decepcionará. Palabra.
IGN (Nov 13, 2000)
Discrepancies in position aside, the game itself is still a hell of a lot of fun. And fun is really what matters when it's all said and done. The target of some scrutiny by many a member of both arcadeophiles and press junkies, Capcom vs. SNK shouldn't be measured by what isn't... but instead, by what it is. A slightly flawed, if not terrific fusion of some of the best fighting games to ever grace our consoles, Capcom vs. SNK stands tall as one of the single greatest Dreamcast games ever released. And with the recent announcement of a sequel to this masterpiece in the works at this very moment, you can bet that we haven't seen anything yet!
Planet Dreamcast (May 04, 2001)
Despite my criticism, Capcom vs SNK is a great 2-D fighter, one I'd call the best 2-D fighter in the Dreamcast library. Watch out though: if you're looking for an accurate match-up between the two companies, forget it. For the rest of us though, Capcom just delivers some good, old-school 2-D fighting action, and we all need some of that.
Video Games (Nov, 2000)
(PAL version)
Wer ist der Beste und Stärkste? Wenn ihr als Beat'em-Up-Fan das schon immer mal herausfinden wolltet, bisher aber noch nicht in eine SNK-Hardware investieren konntet oder mochtet, dann habt ihr mit Capcom vs. SNK euer Traumspiel bekommen. Da stört es nicht, dass die Animationen nicht ganz so lecker ausfielen wie in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, oder dass einige Kämpfer wie Benimaru Nikaido oder Terry Bogard ein paar seit Jahren eingeübte Moves fehlen, dass Charaktere wie Sakura oder Sagai extrem verpixelt wurden oder das Kampfsystem sehr stark einseitig an die Street Fighter Alpha-Reihe angelehnt ist. Es hat einfach etwas Magisches, mit Ryu gegen Kyo Kusanagi oder mit Iori gegen Bison anzutreten und von diesem Flair lebt die Martial-Arts-Schlacht.
GameSpot (Sep 13, 2000)
Issues of balance aside, Capcom has produced a great game. Though the SNK characters' repertoires of moves had to be simplified in order to fit into the Capcom scheme (as they, as of late, have begun to boast quite extensive lists of moves that, quite frankly, would have blown away anything a Capcom character could boast), what remains of them works quite well in the present context. Fans of either series would do well to check the game out, as it needn't be reiterated how tempting fights between the characters of these rival companies are to watch unfold, let alone have an active hand in.
Video Games (Oct, 2000)
Summa Sumarum: Für Beat‘em-Up-Aficionados ist Capcom es. SNK die Offenbarung schlechthin, wenn auch die angesprochenen Mini-Macken (Move-Enteignung, einige pixelige Charaktere) in Kombination mit dem Fehlen jüngst aufgestiegener Stars und All-Time-Favoriten (wo sind K‘, Andy Bogard und Blue Mary oder Charaktere aus neuem SF-Episoden?) eine 90er-Wertung verhindert. Aber wir kennen ja Capcom: Diese vs.-Episode wird mit Sicherheit nicht die letzte ihrer Art bleiben.
Capcom and SNK enthusiasts have been in debate about which collection of fighters would dominate a brawl for years. Finally, these groups have a chance to put their money where their mouths are. Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 pits the best fighters from Street Fighter and a variety of SNK titles against one another. Players should expect the same quality gameplay and AI found in most Capcom products, along with the same lackluster sound and musical accompaniment. Graphically, this offering is an impressive example of how the 2D fighting genre can be improved upon with dynamic environments and high quality character sprites. Ultimately, Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 won’t convert any new fans to the genre, but it produces the same high quality action that has justified legions of 2D fighting games.
Förmodligen skulle Capcom vs SNK sälja bättre om det var tredimensionellt, men då hade det å andra sidan inte varit just den kamp mellan de gamla klassiska kämparna som det faktiskt är. Det är dessutom ytterligare ett bevis på att Capcom vet hur man gör fightingspel i världsklass, och att ett spel inte behöver innehålla polygoner för att vara roligt, om det nu var någon som trodde det. Så vem är starkast, Ryu eller Ryo?
Gamekult (Oct 12, 2000)
On l'a souvent imaginé, mais cette fois-ci, il est bien réel. Capcom vs SNK débarque sur Dreamcast et va enfin permettre aux rivaux des deux camps de disputer le titre de champions de la baston 2D. 33 personnages, quasiment autant de décors, une réalisation fantastique et un système de combat bien équilibré constituent les principales qualités de ce hit. Une belle initiative qui sent tout de même le marketing à plein nez. Mais on est fan ou on ne l'est pas !
77 (Dec 13, 2001)
Y ya para acabar, sólo puedo deciros que si os gustan los juegos de lucha, no podeis dejar escapar este juego, ya que os traerá largas horas de diversión, no tiene ninguna perdida.
The Next Level (Sep 17, 2000)
Capcom vs. SNK certainly is a game which will pique the interest of the hardcore and newcomers alike. However, its level of enjoyment will vary depending on the degree of depth and enjoyment you're looking to acquire. Capcom and SNK aficionados owe it to themselves to add this to their current lineup, while newbies can embrace the game and discover another title offering solid gameplay and hours of entertainment.
Mega Fun (Oct, 2000)
Der Titel des Spiels ist völlig unpassend, denn Millennium Fight 2000 scheint weit hergeholt. Als Untertitel würde ich mehr zu History Fight 1900 tendieren. Sämtliche Charaktere wurden aus alten Spielen zusammengekratzt. Das Capcom zum wiederholten Mal versucht, Geld damit zu verdienen, darf man ihnen zwar nicht vorwerfen, aber irgendwo suche ich selbst nach einer Rechtfertigung für mich, schon wieder Geld für so einen Titel auszugeben. Zwar kommen alte Fans der Reihen voll auf ihre Kosten, aber mich persönlich kann das Spiel nicht vom Sofa locken. Mein Tipp: Holt euch lieber Capcon vs Marvel 2. Hier wird dem geneigten 2D- Prügelfan einiges mehr geboten. Denn durch viele abwechslungsreiche Eigenschaften der Marvel-Charaktere wirkt dieses Gameplay abwechslungsreicher.
65 (Dec 28, 2000)
Au final, Capcom Vs SNK témoigne pour une fois, aux vues de la série, d'une certaine volonté d'innovation. De là à dire qu'il y parvient totalement il reste cependant un pas, mais on se félicitera de découvrir de nombreux combattants et des systèmes de bonus assez intéressants. Il n'en demeure pas moins que ce titre devrait plus facilement trouver preneur chez les accros des Street Fighters et autres Art Of Fighting.