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Carrier Ad Blurbs (Dreamcast)

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Advertising Blurbs

U.S. print ad:
    ARK Came!
    ARK Saw!
    ARK Got Its Ass Kicked!

    In the 21st Century terrorism reigns supreme in an ever-eroding environment. Aboard the Heimdal Aircraft Carrier, survival is all that matters! It's a new world now - a savage, deadly wasteland where you save whoever is still alive and to hell with the dead.

    Vying for control of Earth, the Southern Cross bombs the Heimdal, setting free ARK - a prehistoric organism. When ARK attacks, it implants itself in humans, making them hideous, monstrous drones that carry ARK seeds and infect others determined to eliminate ALL of humanity. ARK breeds, mutates, and insanely lusts for the end of human life.

    Even if it looks human, you could be screwed 'cause it may be an ARK drone. Who is friend, who is foe?

    You are part of an elite unit chosen to isolate and destroy ARK on the Heimdal Aircraft Carrier before it reaches land. You must fearlessly blast your way through a gloomy labyrinth of hallways, flooded control rooms and security levels, battling sinister mutants, while gaining clues and power as you advance. You never know what's lurking in the murky water or around the next corner. Meanwhile, ARK is gaining power after attaching itself to the nuclear core of the Heimdal. Sheer wit and brute force are all that can save you now.

    Contributed by lugnut (382) on Apr 28, 2004.