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Planet Dreamcast (Dec 24, 2001)
Conflict Zone is like the user-friendly version of many of the popular real-time strategy games found on the PC. While this is not a perfect real-time strategy game, it is simplified enough that most hardcore Dreamcast fans will probably find it to be enjoyable, without having to worry about all of the problems, like resource management, that plagued some PC gamers. Conflict Zone is also available for very, very cheap - approximately $20. If this game had been released many months ago at a price of $40 or $50, I would have rated it a lot lower, and had less positive things to say about it. But the point is, it's a pretty good game for such a low price.
65 (Apr 16, 2002)
Les STR sont une denrée extrêmement rare sur consoles, mais est-ce une raison suffisante pour se procurer un titre qui, même si son contenu se révèle toujours aussi efficace, a perdu énormément en jouabilité en quittant le support PC. Cette mouture Dreamcast souffre en plus de cela d'une réalisation vieillissante et d'un intérêt ludique moins évident du fait de l'absence du mode multijoueur.
IGN (Jan 07, 2002)
As probably the last third party Dreamcast game, Conflict Zone is a letdown. Clunky controls, gameplay flaws, and uninspired visuals really hamper any enjoyment you may find with this RTS. The fact that it lacks keyboard and mouse support is unacceptable at this point in the life of the Dreamcast. Then again, it shouldn't surprise anyone given the fact that the system won't be getting much media attention anymore.
GameSpot (Jan 11, 2002)
Conflict Zone has a few other issues working against it. The frame rate suffers when a lot of units are on the screen, and the game loads from the disc far too often during combat, causing the flow of action to stutter annoyingly. Combined with the awkward controls and bland gameplay, these problems add up to make Conflict Zone a tedious game experience that even its low price won't save. The only people who might enjoy Conflict Zone are gamers who exclusively own a Dreamcast and are into real-time strategy games, but even they should get with the times and look elsewhere.
I can live with the graphics but they are boxy and not as refined as something along the lines of, say, Crazy Taxi. The framerate slows down when the action gets intense and it's here where the controls show their weakness. In a panic situation, accessing the controls quickly is an absolute lesson in frustration. If that's not enough, the game is continually interrupted by load times. All in all, Conflict Zone should have left well enough alone. The Dreamcast does not suck but games like this can give it a bad name. Let's not desecrate this console's memory.