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Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern Credits

Ubistudios VX Team

Development ManagerIan Mathias
Lead DesignerOliver Sykes
DesignersStephen Burge, Rob Fortune, Ashley Pannell, Ian Mathias
SequencingAshley Pannell, Rob Fortune
CamerasOliver Sykes
ScriptersStephen Burge, Alan Jaques, Stephen Smith
Design AssistStephen Burge, Alan Jaques, Stephen Smith
Lead ArtistPaul Carrick
Character AnimatorsStuart Wilson, Jake Hempson, Malcolm Reed, Simon Wottge
Environment ArtistsPaul Carrick, Andrew Nixon, Malcolm Reed, Matthew Farrell
Interface ArtistJake Hempson
IntroStuart Wilson, Jake Hempson
Promotional MaterialsAndrew Nixon, Malcolm Reed, Stuart Wilson
Lead Game ProgrammerStuart Sproston (Dino)
Game ProgrammersTim Round, Dai Moriuchi, Gabriel Lee
Lead Technology ProgrammerTim Round
Lead DC ProgrammerDave Chapman
ToolsDave Chapman, Tim Pynegar
DC ProgrammerTim Pynegar
ScriptOliver Sykes, Rob Fortune
I.T. ManagerRichard Fuller
I.T. SupportStephen Pope
AdministrationRuth Slade
Testers (UK)Michael Jaques, Tom Napper
World-wide Director Quality Control (Canada)Vincent Pâquet
Worldwide QA Manager (Canda)Éric Tremblay
Canadian Tests ManagerÉric Martineau
Lead Tester (Canada)François McCann
Testers (Canada)Marc Brouillette, Stephan Leary, Yan Gagnon, Alain Chénier, Ludovic Murat, Marc-André Dessureault, Michael Morin, Frederic Dufort, Vincent Roy
Compatibility Testers (Canada)David Lévesque, Marc-André Bouvier
Featuring the vocal talents ofEddie Crew, Ken Starcevic, Edward Hamilton-Clark, Bruce Vanbartold, Matthew Geczy, Joseph Sheridan, Christopher King, Paul Barrett, Christopher Pearson, David Gasman, Andrew Wale, Kim Michelle Broderick, Roberto Dauney, Patrick Albenque, Paul Bandey, Andy Chase, Ian Marshall, Nigel Hollidge, Patricia Kessler, Judith Burnett, Max Hayter, Jerome Di Giacomo, Rachel Williams, Leslie Clack, Justin MacCarron, Leslie Lanker, Dana Burns Westberg, Helen Laiter

Ubisoft (Paris) Staff

Produced byYves Guillemot
Director of DevelopmentVincent Minoué
European Development ManagerFabrice Pierre-Élien
Executive ProducerJean-Bernard Jacon
Game DesignerMarc Blondeau
Casting DirectorFrançois Jaubert
Sound EngineersMartin Dutasta, Lionel Bouhnik
Sound DesignLambert Combes
Sound Studio ManagerSylvain-Luc Brunet
Artistic DirectionManuel Bachet
Mix and Post ProductionMartin Dutasta
MusicLaurent Parisi
Sound FXTalk Over, Lionel Payet Pigeon
Post Production StudioUbi Soft Canada
World Localisation ManagerCoralie Martin
Localisation Project ManagerXavier Kemmlein, Jean-Sébastien Ferey
German LocaliserOliver Joerg
German TranslationMarkus Ludolf
French TranslationBragelonne
Localisation TestersBragelonne, Dieter Pfeil

Marketing Dept.

European Marketing DirectorLaurence Buisson-Nollent
Brand Group ManagerAxelle Verny
Brand Manager EuropeVincent Munoz
Local Brand ManagersDelphine Delesalle (France), Phil Brannelly (United Kingdom), Michael Thielmann (Germany), Antonio Rabanera (Spain), Valéria Lodeserto (Italy), Marcel Keij (Netherlands), Sören Lass (Nordic Countries), Vera Shah (Australia), Vanessa Leclerc (Belgium), Evelyn de Vooght (Belgium), Sandra Baudois (Switzerland)
Local PR ManagersSophie d’Almeras (France), Emmanuel Carré (France), Delphine Platten (France), Louise Gabriel (United Kingdom), Manab Roy (United Kingdom), Niels Bogdan (Germany), Nieves Posado (Spain), Andrea Cordara (Italy), Marcel Keij (Netherlands), Lene Hovej (Nordic Countries), Ira Bohlin (Nordic Countries)

US Marketing (Red Storm Ent.)

Associate Director of MarketingWendy Beasley
Product Marketing ManagerMarcus Beer
PR ManagerApril M. Jones
Internet ManagerMur Lafferty
US Submissions ManagerWillie Wareham
Design Packaging & ManualAgence FKGB

For Zyntopo

Marketing DirectorAlbéric Guigou
Development DirectorGérald Bonnet


With Thanks toCarl Wenczek, Ian Duckett, Julian Scott, Chris Nicholls, Kevin Oxland, Stewart Gilray, Richard Aitken, Dan Atkinson, Colin Neilens, Jérôme Gastaldi, Remi Staat, Sarah Hickman, Charlotte Moore (Cat)
Very Special ThanksIan Hadley, Anne McCaffrey, Heather Kidd, Zenth, Danny Flynn, Shawn Bryan, Rozenn [for her patience], Symeanth [aka Stephane; for his nice words], Caroline Reversat, The International Sales Team, The Internactional Manufacturing Team, The International Promotion Team, The International Web Team

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (245725) and リカルド・フィリペ (246935)