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Video Games (Apr, 2000)
Ich weiß – ich hänge mich daran auf! Aber hey – ECW Hardcore Revolution ist kein wirklich neues Game. Trotzdem muss ich eingestehen, dass die DC-Version wieder einmal sehr gut gelungen ist und Multi-Konsoleros vor keine schwierige Wahl stellt. Wer zwischen PS, N64 und DC wählen kann, sollte sich auf alle Fälle den DC-Wrestler zulegen. Wenn auch die Hardware nicht unbedingt optimal ausgereizt wird.
The only reason I score Hardcore Revolution as high as I do is because it's the only ECW choice fans have, and it's Create-A-Wrestler adds plenty of replay value. Acclaim, I'm begging you, don't flush the ECW name down the toilet like this.
Mega Fun (Apr, 2000)
ECW Hardcore Revolution ist für alle Wrestling-Freunde eine Anschaffung wert. Ihr erhaltet für euer sauer verdienten Geld einen guten Gegenwert. Saubere Moves sowie eine genaue Kollisionsabfrage lassen Freude pur aufkommen. Stundenlanger Spielspaß ist somit garantiert. Ich möchte an dieser Stelle darauf hinweisen, dass sich die Wertungen auf den direkten Vergleich zu anderen Wrestling-Spielen beziehen. Reine Beat‘emUp-Fans sollten also lieber erst ein Probespiel wagen. Leider mussten wir der Dreamcast-Version Punkte abziehen, denn es wird weder Vibration unterstützt noch erfolgte eine grafische Anpassung an das Gerät. Hier verweisen Spiele wie Soul Calibur diesen Titel ganz klar auf hintere Ränge. Zusätzlich vermisse ich persönlich die bekannten Wrestler aus den großen Ligen WWF und WCW. aber die kreiere ich selbst im Bastel-Mode.
IGN (Mar 03, 2000)
What ECW Hardcore Revolution ultimately boils down too is a rehashed product you'll eventually ignore. Despite a huge list of wrestlers (including my main man, Rob Van Dam) and slightly better graphics, Revolution was already months ago when it was called Attitude. Plus, when WWF Attitude first hit the shelves, it was before the genre took a big leap forward with Smackdown and WrestleMania 2000 -- two games that have set impressive new standards for the way a wrestling game should be. A generation behind, Hardcore Revolution needs to go back to the drawing board and try again.
GameSpot (Mar 13, 2000)
ECW Hardcore Revolution isn't a bad game by itself. But it in no way represents the style of wrestling that the ECW uses. It has absolutely zero points going for it in the originality department, and the game comes off as a real slap in the face to the federation's hard-core fans. ECW and its fans deserve better than this cookie-cutter approach to game design. ECW's wrestling style isn't the same as the WWF's, and ECW's game shouldn't be like the WWF's either. Plus, this is the third year that Acclaim has trotted out the same wrestling engine with a few slight tweaks. It's getting very old. Fans of ECW would be better served by waiting for Acclaim's next ECW game, which will use a new (and hopefully more accurate) engine.
NowGamer (Apr 24, 2000)
The bottom line, though, is that you shouldn’t – although looking slightly nicer than its near-identical predecessor, Hardcore Revolution is (for want of a better word) arse. The fact that it’s one of the only wrestling games on the Dreamcast makes it even worse because there’s nothing for it to compete against; Acclaim will make money hand over fist regardless. If you’ve got any respect for yourself, take a leaf out of Zammo’s book from Grange Hill and just say no. Please.
I would recommend the public avoid this title at all costs, since it represents exactly what we don't want to see as gamers. Publishers trying to make a quick buck by putting out identical titles year after year are bad enough, but Acclaim has taken it to the next level with this one. Rather than wait a full year, now it seems that sixty days is ample time to re release a game where little has changed, simply to capitalize on the wrestling hysteria.
Game Revolution (Mar 01, 2000)
Shame on you Acclaim. Painting an apple orange doesn't make it, well... an orange. So unless you're a hardcore ECW fan, SAVE YOUR MONEY. Oh yeah, and props out to that wrestler named "Balls" Mahoney, who provided hours of laughter on just his name alone...
The second wrestling game ever has come to Dreamcast, and sadly, it's as lame as the first. ECW: Hardcore Revolution will disappoint wrestling fans just as much as WWF: Attitude did. In fact, it's basically the same game. Same engine, same graphics, same intros, same interface, same moves. The only things that are different this time out are the faces and a couple of completely forgettable new modes. Fans who only own a Dreamcast, love wrestling games, just won the lottery, and have to buy a game right this instant or get killed by terrorists should still skip this disgrace.
Planet Dreamcast (Mar 01, 2000)
Another winner from Acclaim, makers of NFL Quarterback Crap… errr… Club. An obvious, thinly disguised rehash of WWF Attitude that only serves to piss off saps that buy this by mistake and further tarnish Acclaim's reputation. The fact that this game is being marketed HEAVILY on television, in magazines, and online only makes things worse. If you're one of ECW's dozen or so mega-fans, fine, pick this piece of crap up and have a blast. Otherwise, stick with renting WWF Attitude, or better yet, completely ignore both. ECW Hardcore Revolution is a total disgrace.