Advertising Blurbs - Game Boy Advance:
    Guilty Gear X: Advance Edition emerges as a top-notch fighter for the Game Boy Advance.

    Already loved in Japanese arcades, the Guilty Gear X series brings 2D fighting fans the complexity, speed and unique characters they salivate for. For a handheld game, Guilty Gear X: Advance Edition has many moves. You will need nimble hands to master the special moves and combos.

    Being aggressive ratchets up your Tension Meter. Once the meter tops out -- a fairly easy proposition -- expert players can pull off stunning but difficult Overdrive moves and Instant Kills.

    Developer ARC System Works fields a motley crew of more than a dozen anime-style characters. Notable characters include May, who swings a huge anchor; Faust, who is masked by a paper bag; and Milla-Rage, who whips her opponents with her long blonde tresses.

    Game modes include Arcade, Training, and Survival. Success in Tag Match and 3-on-3 modes depends on choosing a well-balanced team. Two players can go head-to-head in VS Mode using two GBAs, a GBA Game Link cable and two Game Paks.

    Guilty Gear X: Advance Edition will no doubt impress players with sharp graphics and spot-on controls. Casual players may be turned off by the complex combo system, but this fighter further establishes the Game Boy Advance as a great platform for fighting games.

    This game has been rated "T" (Teen) by the independent Entertainment Software Rating Board.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66790) on Dec 31, 2004.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2:

    The most advanced 2D graphics on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system!

  • Amazing anime artwork!
  • Killer soundtrack!
  • Get down and dirty with 14 diverse characters plus hidden bosses.

    Create devastating chain combos with ease!
    Turn the tables and drop your foe in the blink of an eye!
    Unleash incredible power by changing attacks on the fly!
    The new Tension Gauge System allows you to greatly expand your offensive and defensive capabilities!

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69350) on Jun 05, 2004.