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Himitsu: Yui ga Ita Natsu Screenshots (Dreamcast)

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Introducing characters, Mika Osanai
Introducing characters, Chidzuru Seo
Opening movie
Main title
Main menu
Unlockable gallery album
Enter your character's name
The childhood promise
Reading your emails
Your room
Meeting with Nao
At the train station
Dialogue choices
Train ride with Nao Nishino
Accessing in-game menu
Talking to Sakurako Majima
In the woods, talking to Chidzuru
Back at the cabin with Mika
Talking to Yuuki
Looks like everybody's having a fun reunion time
Under the starry sky with Mika
A past conversation with Sakurako when you were children
Talking to the nurse
At the hospital
Young Mizuki looks frightened
Facing some bullies at school
Selecting the next location to visit
Running into Mizuki at night in the woods
The music classroom
Chidzuru is an early riser
In the flower field with Sakurako
Sakurako is preparing a meal
Down by the river with Nao
Nao during the childhood days
Fending off bullies from bygone days