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Hydro Thunder Credits

Hydro Thunder Arcade Team

Lead ProgrammerSteven Ranck
ToolsLori Miller, Dusty Monk, Scott Patterson, Detmar Peterke, Michael Starich
Lead ArtistEric Browning
ArtistsGary T. Carbonell, Scott Goffman, Dale Henderscheid, Brian Silva, Andrew E. Wilson
MusicOrpheus Hanley
SoundOrpheus Hanley
Software Development ManagerBrian Johnson

Eurocom Entertainment Software

Lead ProgrammingDavid Long
Lead Textures & ModelingColin Garratt
Textures & ModelingChris Boyle, Adrian Mannion, Paul Robinson
Additional ProgrammingPaul Bates, Mark Hetherington
AudioNeil Baldwin, Guy Cockcroft
QA LeadAndrew Collins
QAPhillip Bennett
Special Thanks ToScott Goffman, Steven Ranck, Sega Europe Tech Support, Sega America Tech Support

Midway Home Entertainment Team

ProducerKevin Potter
Associate ProducerSean Wilson
Assistant ProducerEd Duran
Technical DirectorSam Calis
Print Design & ProductionMidway Creative Services
International CoordinationKimberley Tilley, Karen Shillcock
Test ManagerRobert Sablan
Test SupervisorsSeth McNew, John Ubalde
Lead Product AnalystBishop
Product AnalystsBrien J. Atangan, Shon J. Flannagan, Donny Hamilton, Josh Hutchins, Ian McCauley, Jim McClure, David Nylander
Additional Level DesignSteve Kramer, John Stookey
Additional ArtistsSteve Kramer, John Stookey
Special ThanksLeonard Albano, Deborah K. Fulton, Erwin Gasmin, Teri A. Higgins, Kelsey Hudson, Ira Kalina, Kathy Lange, Kathy Schoback, Long Vang, Lee J. Yi

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Credits for this game were contributed by Suicide Squad (55) and formercontrib (158921)