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Gamekult (Feb 28, 2001)
Si la réalisation graphique de Iron Aces, bien que très honnête, n'est pas des plus flamboyantes, l'équilibre réussi entre simulation de vol et arcade, l'intérêt des missions et l'intelligence des adversaires en fait un des meilleurs jeux du genre sur console, si ce n'est même le meilleur. Si le jeu ne peut pas rivaliser avec des pointures de la simulation de vol militaire du PC (CFS 2, ou B17 Flying Fortress II, par exemple), il ravira certainement tous ceux qui veulent se prendre pour Papy Boyington et consorts sur leur Dreamcast.
Game Vortex (Dec 07, 2002)
Dreamcast owners looking for a good flying game will enjoy the action, but I can't say it's a satisfying ride for simulation buffs. As a flight-combat game in WWII, there's not much like it out for DC or other consoles, but flight sim it ain't. Is there enough action to make it fun for arcade flying fans? Probably. Flow and balance problems between levels hurt Iron Aces in my eyes as an arcade game, since I really just want to sit down and start blasting. I really believe the idea was to just throw people into the action without all that tedious takeoff, landing and instrumentation business, but not balancing levels and leaving response mushy in the planes won't make anyone happy. As a rental, it's well worth the money and fun for a while, but very little of the fun endures once the novelty wears off.
IGN (Feb 14, 2001)
Though the visuals aren't very impressive, for a flight-sim type game, Iron Aces isn't that bad, and flight-sim fans will probably enjoy the varied missions, numerous selectable aircraft, and solid play mechanics. There's even a two-player versus mode that doesn't seem to have any noticeable visual setbacks. For those looking for some WWII dog-fighting action, Iron Aces will definitely suffice.
HappyPuppy (Mar 14, 2001)
Might be a little simple for some players, but still has plenty of dog-fighting goodness for the armchair aviator.
63 (Feb 16, 2008)
Iron Aces es un juego que, aún estando por debajo de otros títulos similares existentes en Dreamcast, no deja de ser un buen complemento dentro del género, ya que recrea un contexto histórico que no cubren estos y aleja de paso al jugador de misiles guiados, fuselajes invisibles al radar, motores a reacción y demás para ponerlo a los mandos de aparatos que exigirán lo mejor de él.
GameSpot (Feb 22, 2001)
After all is said and done, it's apparent that Iron Aces tries a little too hard to please the simulation and action crowd simultaneously. In the end, the game overextends itself and falls short in both categories. The result is a very mediocre, and frequently boring, experience.
Video Games (Aug, 2000)
Tja, Fighter of Zero beglückt weder die Action-Freunde (zu störrisches Handling) noch die Grafik-Fetischisten (Schmalspur-Optik) noch die Simulationsanhänger (zu simple Steuerung). Nach objektiven Gesichtspunkten muss das Urteil also lauten: Ein Schuss in den Ofen, Marionette (was für‘n Name für ein Studio)! Lediglich alte Anhänger der frühen Fliegerei könnten dem Titel vielleicht etwas abgewinnen, da sämtliche Bomber und Waffen mit genauen Daten spezifiziert wurden. Ihr dürft allerdings nicht vor einer Runde blindem Japan-Menü-Gewühle zurückschrecken.
Planet Dreamcast (Mar 05, 2001)
I wanted to like this game, mainly because I like air combat games, and we have yet to see a really good one on the Dreamcast. I was especially looking forward to Iron Aces, because the very idea of a World War II air combat title has the word “fun” written all over it in big neon letters. Unfortunately, I just can’t recommend this game. Much to my disappointment, Iron Aces turns out to be a really great idea dragged way the hell down by far too many bad design decisions. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, in the hope that some other air combat title, a better air combat title, will swoop in to quench our thirst.
Gaming Age (Feb 27, 2001)
If you're looking for some hardcore World War II aerial action on your Dreamcast, Iron Aces should fit the bill. It isn't the prettiest thing out there, and there are a few rough edges here and there when it comes to bombing and the like, but otherwise, it's a decent simulation that'll have you cheering as you attack Japanese and German bases.