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Written by  :  Kate Jones (480)
Written on  :  Nov 22, 2001
Platform  :  Dreamcast
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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Nice port of the original with some cool new features

The Good

This review will mainly cover the differences between King of Fighters '99 and this Dreamcast port, so those who know nothing about the original will get little out of this review. The game is basically KOF99, the same combos, characters and stuff is there, nothing of gameplay nature has been tampered with. There's some new stuff though, all the backgrounds is now rendered in full 3D (there's a couple of new backgrounds too), and they look just lovely. I like the way they managed to capture the 2D feel of the original backgrounds but still make them look so much nicer. The character graphics is still the same and they make look a bit pixelated against that highquality background (they have been however given a little 2d filter to make it "seem" better, though the actual effect is little). The main new feature is the addition of new strikers, you start with two additional (Vanessa and Seth, which are actually fully playable characters in KOF2000) and can gain many through getting points in the game and buying them. They aren't exactly any big addition, strikers have mostly been hated by most KOF fans for being easy to abuse, the only good thing with the strikers is that some of them have really amusing attacks, like the Fio striker (based on a character from Metal Slug) walks into the screen with a gigantic cannon from a tank and slams it on the opponent. So the new strikers are basically nice for a little laugh and you may want to just avoid them completely afterwards.

Perhaps the coolest new addition is that the music is competely redone . SNK has a tradition of making arrange soundtracks of most games they make, with completely redone music in high quality, and the music in this port is essentially the arrange soundtrack. And it sounds niiiiice. I really loved the original music of the NeoGeo version, and hearing this new music just kicks ass.

Yeah, it's also possible to select the boss (2nd form) in the selection screen in this version, kind of nice to use once just to behold his beautiful supers. But he's really no good character to play with since he's insanely overpowered (he *is* a boss afterall).

The Bad

There's really nothing bad to say about this port. There's no feature which have been lost. If anything, the only bad thing is that playing this game with the standard Dreamcast controller is a pain in the ass, you *really* need to get something new to play this game properly (an arcade stick would be an extra plus)... but then again, that's a gripe with every Dreamcast game (damn you Sega for making such a crappy controller!).

The Bottom Line

The game doesn't contain enough new things to interest gamers which already own the original KOF99 for the NeoGeo (unless you're diehard collector), but it's certainly a nice object to get if you're a person which can't afford a NeoGeo (which is the most expensive console ever made, heck, the games cost about 100-300$ each) and have played and enjoyed the game on the arcade. You'll even get a version which is a little better than the original.