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Last Hope Pink Bullets Credits (Dreamcast)

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Last Hope Pink Bullets Credits


Project ManagementTimm Hellwig
Programming: Engine, Game, Development System, Graphic Software / ToolsTimm Hellwig
Game Design: Level, Background Map, EnemiesTimm Hellwig
2D Graphics: Colouration, F/X, AnimationTimm Hellwig
Additional CGI Design: Enemies, AnimationTimm Hellwig
Sound FXTimm Hellwig
Concept Art: Enemies, BackgroundsRené Hellwig
2D Graphics: Design, Pixel ArtRené Hellwig
Additional Game DesignRené Hellwig
Main CGI Design: Enemies, BackgroundsRené Hellwig
Art Direction: Cover, ManualRené Hellwig


MusicRafael Dyll
Voice EngineeringRafael Dyll
Cover ArtworkSteven Wen
Manual IllustrationHideyoshi
Stage 5 Music ArrangementKaspar Zenklusen, Diego M. Fischer

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