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Extremely satisfying to fans of the show, but not enough oomph for non-fans. Trixter (9110) 2.67 Stars2.67 Stars2.67 Stars2.67 Stars2.67 Stars

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Shin Force (Dec 15, 2000)
A natural progression in software quality is assumed. Max Steel looks and plays like a game released 8 months ago. At the very least, it's interesting and fun to play. That's how I would base your decision as to whether Max Steel is right for you...
Not quite max, not quite steel, but pretty entertaining nonetheless.
45 (Mar 11, 2011)
Comme cela arrive trop souvent dans le monde des adaptations vidéoludiques de licence célèbre, le résultat est de bien piètre qualité. Cet opus qui conte les aventures de Max Steel se présente sous forme de jeu d'action-infiltration et ne parvient à briller que par une réalisation graphique relativement honorable. Un scénario insipide, une mise en scène de série B qui se veut impressionnante, un level design du pauvre et surtout un gameplay d'un autre temps viennent assombrir le tableau. Seuls les plus jeunes fans du héros qui n'ont pas d'attentes trop élevées y trouveront peut-être leur compte. Pour les autres, passez votre chemin et ne vous retournez pas.
If you are a real Max Steel fan, then you might get something out of this. Max Steel is all about selling toys, not selling you an experience. Remember in the good old days (way before my time) when cartoons and TV shows were made because they were cool ideas and not because they could be slapped onto a back pack or underwear? Max Steel is as cold and unfeeling as The Power Rangers, Power Puff Girls and whatever other marketing creations are out on toy store shelves right now.
Overall, Max Steel: Covert Missions was a promising game with an interesting license that was shot down by boring level design and weak gameplay. Fans of the series may indeed find something to like, but the rest of us would be wise to dig up a copy of the classic PlayStation game Metal Gear Solid and a Bleem! disk. Or better yet, just turn on the TV and get lost (in a good way) in the cartoon universe of Max Steel.
IGN (Dec 06, 2000)
What else is there to say about Max Steel other than don't buy it? With nothing else going for it besides a respectable visual presence, this one is better left on the shelf. A great way to convince your friends that cartoons are better left to Saturday mornings, Max Steel should be at the bottom of everyone's wish lists (or steel-toed boots, whichever you prefer).