Namco Museum 64 Credits (Dreamcast)

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Namco Museum 64 Credits

Namco Hometek Inc

Vice President of R+DJesse Taylor
ProducerEd Woolf
Product Marketing ManagerJim Atkiss
Associate ProducerPaul Guirao
Manual DesignPrice Design Team
Quality AssuranceJames Guirao, Edward Chennault, Scott Hill, Corey Rutherford, Ryan Chennault, Eric Coker
Senior Executive ProducerMasaya Nakamura

Mass Media

Executive ProducerDavid Todd
ProducerMark Harwood
Conversion ProducerBernard Whang
Lead ProgrammerKen Jordan
Conversion ProgrammerAndrew Green
Shell/Music/SFX ProgrammerNigel Spencer
Additional ProgrammingDavid Todd
Lead ArtistRobin Karlsson
Conversion ArtistMichelle Yegros-Mullet
Software Tools GuruKen Jordan
Additional ToolsDan Pinal
MusicJim Andron
Interactive Studio ManagementRobert Jacob, Clyde Grossman, Stewart Kosoy

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ed Woolf (58)