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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Overall User Score (15 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Game Critics (Dec 13, 1999)
Like I said earlier, you check your imagination at the door with NBA2K because it's no longer necessary. This is as real as it's ever gotten for video basketball and had me fully believing in its authenticity. Anyone who overly penalized NBA2K for flaws like the ones I mentioned above should take a good look at all the other games currently on the market. I mean, these guys aren't even close to matching this game's magnificence! NBA2K is light years ahead of any of them and is so great that I have exhausted my vocabulary of positive adjectives to describe it.
GamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
After the massive success of the Dreamcast launch title NFL 2K, Sega Sports is back with a vengeance with NBA 2K. The game features the same ultra-realistic graphics of the pigskin game, but it also throws in some of the most realistic hoops skills ever seen on a console, featuring over 1,300 motion-captured moves. The game also includes playbooks by the actual NBA coaches to make sure each team acts exactly as they do in the real NBA.
The Next Level (USA) (Nov 17, 1999)
In conclusion, this game has made a benchmark by which all future basketball games should be based upon. Coupled with the sharp broadcast quality that highlights the Player of the Game and the sarcastic nuances from Rod West's witty remarks such as "The receiver gets a big "No" from the defense..." give the essence that you're actually in the game itself. The graphics alone would've had me rate this game fairly high, but naturally I'd be disappointed if the gameplay came up short, and in my opinion, it doesn't.
Fluid, responsive, fast, accurate, fun . I could go on all day. The one and only one negative thing I found with the game is the foul shooting. The mechanics on that one could have been better. It is unique, yet difficult. Everything else is either perfect or customizable. I will admit, it does take a little while to get use to the default camera angle, but if you don't like it, change it. I would dare say that this is the best basketball game ever made.
Power Unlimited (Jun, 2000)
NBA 2K is de bomb! Ik had wel verwacht dat het er goed uit zou zien maar dat het zo mooi is geworden... Ongelooflijk. En dan speelt ie ook nog eens heerlijk.
Mega Fun (Feb, 2000)
Basketball, mein Leben! Ich war von NFL 2K schon begeistert, aber NBA 2K ist mindestens genauso stark! Basketball-Fans werden an diesem Produkt kaum vorbei kommen, denn so viele Einstellmöglichkeiten und Features hat bisher noch kein Sportspiel geboten. Hinzu kommen eine geile Grafik, ein glasklarer Sound und ein mehr als ausgefeiltes Gameplay. All das macht NBA 2K zu einem weiteren Kaufargument für den Dreamcast. Leute, zugreifen!

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Video Games (Mar, 2000)
Was soll man noch groß sagen? Außer Zockern, die eine absolute Aversion gegen Basketball haben, kann hier jeder bedenkenlos zuschlagen. Bisher präsentierte sich noch kein Game als so rundes Produkt, dass es selbst absoluten Spielemuffeln ein bewunderndes "Wow" entlocken konnte. Der einzige Aspekt, der Neulinge vielleicht ein wenig wundern könnte, ist die ungewohnte Konsequenz der Schiedsrichter. Abgesehen davon läßt NBA 2K keine Wünsche offen. Fans werden dieses Game wahrscheinlich ohne Unterlass zocken, bis der Nachfolger erscheint.
93 (Sep 12, 2000)
Sega may not have Electronic Arts' NBA Live or (obviously) Sony's Total NBA, but NBA2K has proven itself to be a more then worthy title. If you love sports then this game is a "must have" game. The speed, excitement and action has never been captured so well. You won't be disappointed.
IGN (Nov 24, 1999)
I guess the easiest way to put it is that while the game has issues, it is easily worlds beyond anything else on the market, and truly raises the bar for video game basketball. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that it has done so in such a manner that even the high-jumping designers at Visual Concepts have difficulty clearing their own newfound level of excellence. Many aspects of this game are unbelievable, but it is the type of game that does just as much to open your eyes to the possibilities as it does to blow you away. In the end, we've got one hell of a basketball game, but a game that is far from perfect. While not quite as polished as NFL2K, NBA2K is most certainly a must have title for any sport fan, and is one of the most compelling reasons to own a Dreamcast to date.
After Visual Concepts shocked the world with NFL2K, everyone expected NBA2K to be THE basketball game. Despite some flaws, this game comes pretty close to obtaining that title. Sporting high-resolution graphics and real NBA players, NBA2k will likely please the most die hard of sports fans.
91 (Aug 02, 2000)
Alles in allem ist NBA 2K wahrscheinlich eines der besten Basketballspiel, welches bis jetzt für den Konsolenbereich entwickelt wurde. Für jeden Basketball-Fan ist es absolute Pflicht sich das Spiel zu kaufen. Aber auch weniger ambitionierte Sport-Spieler werden ihren Spaß daran haben - schon allein dank der wundervolle Grafik.
El resultado de todo lo que os hemos dicho es el simulador de baloncesto más realista que hayamos visto nunca, y por supuesto, la forma más rápida y barata de llegar a la NBA sin tener que pasar por una universidad americana o uno de los grandes clubes europeos. Sólo nos hacen falta una Dreamcast y ganas de pasárnoslo bien.
CyberGames (Dec 08, 1999)
Not without it's faults, but this game is very impressive to the eyes, ears, and senses.
90 (Sep 21, 2009)
Kein anderer Sporttitel spielt sich meiner Meinung nach so perfekt wie Segas Basketball-Adaption. Hier habe ich stets die Kontrolle und alles im Überblick (,was zugegebenermaßen auch an der Feldgröße dieses Sportes liegt). Der Spielspaß, der wegen dem genialen Gameplay schon relativ hoch ist, wird dank der überragenden technischen Präsentation noch weiter nach oben getrieben und bietet beste NBA-Atmosphäre. Hier genießt man als Fan wirklich jede Spielminute. Daher landet die GD auch immer mal wieder in der Konsole. Beim Nachfolger sollten die Entwickler nur noch mehr verschiedene Modi einbauen, da die normalen Partien nur wenige Wochen am Stück fesseln. Trotzdem Gratulation an Visual Concepts und Sega für dieses Sportspielmeisterwerk.
As much as I enjoyed NBA 2K, I’m not going to call it as wonderful a game as NFL 2K, mainly due to a few issues with the handling and the fact that you’re not playing from as up-close a viewpoint as in other titles. Aside from these issues, what we’ve got here is the definitive basketball simulation for home audiences from both arcade and simulation angles. NBA Live 2000 has enjoyed a long and lucrative reign over console- and PC-based basketball titles, but it looks like we have a new hero for new times. Sega’s phenomenal NBA 2K is the new king of the court, and believe me, it’s got game.
90 (Mar 24, 2000)
NBA 2K est assurément l’un des tout meilleurs jeux de basket de l’univers du jeu vidéo ! Ni plus ni moins. L’impressionnante base de données technique, tactique, statistique, les modélisations des visages, des corpulences… rien est laissé au hasard, ce qui est de toute façon la marque des grands jeux. Un Hit en puissance.
Basketball bliver ikke bedre, og spillet er simpelthen så vellykket og veludført, at man kun kan tage kasketten af og bøje sig i støvet.
GameSpot (Nov 08, 1999)
In the end, NBA 2K's dazzling graphics, superb control, and strong AI make it the most dynamic basketball video game ever. However, Visual Concepts fell just short of delivering the same seamless gameplay of NFL 2K. The game's visuals and control, while both outstanding, just don't have the same cohesion that made NFL 2K so flawless. But even with these few problems, playing NBA 2K will just about ruin you for all other basketball games.
These few issues just barely detract from the overall package. Those looking for a deep franchise mode might be better off waiting until next year which will hopefully include it. If you can't wait, this will definitely fit the bill and make the wait more tolerable.
The Video Game Critic (Nov 14, 1999)
NBA 2K is great but not perfect. It seems as if illegal defense penalties are never called, and during the season, injuries happen far too often. Another flaw is the horrible new free-throw method, which requires you to push the analog R and L buttons at the same time in order to line up two arrows. It's really, really dumb. But overall, NBA 2K is far and away the best basketball game so far.
Game Revolution (Nov 01, 1999)
Despite these problems, however, NBA 2K is a very good game. Its astonishing graphics and strong gameplay carry it past the glitches. It certainly deserves a spot in any basketball fan's library and gets my recommendation. And who knows? Maybe next year it will be called Home Depot's NBA 2K, or NBA 2K-Mart, or...
Gaming Age (1999)
NBA 2K is indeed an amazing game, and in many ways has raised the bar for future developers. It has a couple of issues that may annoy those looking for the perfect basketball sim, but more casual sports fan will go nuts for it. NBA 2K comes highly recommended.
Planet Dreamcast (Nov 12, 1999)
NBA 2K does have the best graphics and some of the best features of any basketball game I've seen. I keep trying to convince myself that I must be wrong, that this must be an incredible game. It is fun to play, but the mistakes leave me with the feeling that production was rushed to meet the start of the season. Maybe I'm bitter because I expected so much after NFL 2K. Maybe I'm bitter because my Dreamcast keeps crashing in the middle of games. Maybe I'm bitter because I had to buy another VMU. No matter what the reason, I've got to call it as I see it: "BRICK!"
På det hela taget är det ändå med en viss besvikelse som jag lägger handkontrollen åt sidan. Visst är NBA 2K ett bra basketspel, men det känns inte riktigt lika genomarbetat som NHL 2K. Basketfantaster får väl trösta sig med att samma sak gäller de alldra flesta sportspel. Sedan kan det ju också vara så att det är svårare att göra TV-spel av basket än ishockey. Fast det är bara en gissning.