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    Prepare to post MVP numbers as you light it up with Rim-Rattling dunks then lock'em down with Smothering D. Elevate your game!

  • RUN THE FLOOR with new moves and animations including dunks, crossovers, jumpshots and steals straight out of an NBA highlight reel.

  • HEADS UP DEFENDERS exploit the new steal system, filling the passing lanes to snag the ball.

  • A REVAMPED LOW-POST GAME puts you in full control. You can explode to the hoop, back down the defender, or bury a sweet fadeaway J.

  • IMPROVED ONLINE MODE saves user profiles and tracks performance stats and records.

  • HOOP IT UP at legendary urban playground courts including New York's Rucker Park and The Cage, and Oakland's Mosswood Park.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69367) on Jul 23, 2006.
    So real, you might get athlete's thumb.

    After two years of Dreamcast exclusivity, Sega's slick NBA franchise finally crosses-over to Nintendo GameCube. Sporting Allen Iverson on the cover and a soundtrack produced by Jermaine Dupri, NBA 2K2 delivers a solid dose of action, attitude and above-the-rim NBA antics.

    NBA 2K2 obviously worships the holy orange orb. Even though you'll find plenty of awesome dunks and passes, this game is a hardcore basketball sim, not an arcade adaptation. Even if you decide to take your game to the street on one of nine authentic courts, the gameplay stays true to real-world physics. Of course, NBA superstars like Vince Carter and Lamar Odom usually aren't troubled by earthly concepts such as gravity.

    As soon as you power-up NBA 2K2, you're treated to an incredible opening sequence which really gets you in the mood to school your friends. Our favorite clip is Reggie Miller draining a heavily contested three, and of course Iverson is looking good as he embarrasses just about every member of the Laker squad. By the time the main menu pops up, you'll be itching to hit the hardwood.

    Like all great sports titles, NBA 2K2 offers a wide variety of ways to play. Game modes include Practice, Tourney, Exhibition, Season, Playoffs, Franchise and more. A Fantasy Draft Mode lets you draft players for multi-game tournaments, a whole season or even for an entire franchise. For players looking for instant gratification, Quickstart Mode tosses you immediately into the action.

    NBA 2K2's play control and game design are top-notch. More than 2200 player animations bring the game to life, and the low post moves were exclusively captured by NBA All-Star Rasheed Wallace. Every once in a while, the motion-capture crew would blow a whistle to capture Rasheed's infamous temper tantrums ...

    The low post game is one of NBA 2K2's strong suits. You can press the L Button to back down your defender, then pull up for a fadeaway, slam it home or pass the ball to the open man. Pressing the C-Stick allows you to select offensive and defensive plays, but the great thing about this game is that you don't have to get too tricky to be successful. It's an easy game to pick up and play, but there is enough depth to keep experienced players challenged and entertained.

    Sega Sports NBA 2K2 is available now. Game progress is saved to a Nintendo GameCube Memory Card.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65830) on Jul 15, 2006.