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If you've played Tetris before, you have a good idea of what you'll see in The Next Tetris: Online Edition. The new rules are nice, as is the multiplayer, but a lot of people will see it as 'just another Tetris clone.' The lack of tons of play modes also hurts the game. But for those of us who adore puzzle games, you really can't go wrong with The Next Tetris.
IGN (Jan 25, 2001)
The Next Tetris: On-Line Edition is certainly a solid game; with an online competitive feature as well as new play mechanics, it would certainly be a nice purchase for any Dreamcast owner. That's where the final determining question comes into play: do you want to drop 40 bucks for a Tetris game with online play? I think many people who are Tetris addicts (i.e. Chris Carle of IGN Guides) will rush to the store and get on-line right away. And while I'm not obsessed with putting blocks in the right place, like I said above, every console needs its Tetris.
Via SegaNet, you can log on to engage in an online two-player match with anyone around the world. Unfortunately, it quickly becomes obvious that it’s really no different than playing a traditional two-player contest. Sure, it’s a neat feature, but I can’t see Tetris On-Line becoming much of a phenomenon amongst gamers. Still, if you couldn’t get enough of Chu Chu Rocket, this might be a satisfying purchase.
70 (Jan 22, 2008)
Concludendo ci troviamo sicuramente di fronte ad un gioco caratterizzato da forti luci e ombre, che affianca un concept ottimamente rinverdito per l’occasione, tanto da risultare ancora divertente anche per chi ha giocato alla versione originale fino alla nausea, ad una realizzazione tecnica decisamente scadente. The next Tetris può essere quindi consigliato senza riserve solo agli estimatori del genere o agli irriducibili fan del gioco originale, per tutti gli altri è necessaria un’attenta valutazione prima di un eventuale acquisto.
I’d gotten plenty of Tetris back in the NES days and the ‘Next Level’ of the game is hardly worthy of a purchase, considering you can find so many versions of the game around.
40 (Sep 20, 2009)
Natürlich habe ich schon oft Tetris gedaddelt, doch The Next Tetris war mein erster richtiger Titel, den ich zu dem süchtigmachenden Spielprinzip besaß. Leider stellte es sich als einen der größten Fehlkäufe heraus, denn süchtig machte es mich überhaupt nicht. OK, eine bescheidene Technik ist in diesem Genre ja Gang und Gebe, doch auch die neuen Spielvarianten überzeugen einfach nicht. Außerdem gibt es bis auf die Trainingsmissionen eigentlich keine weiteren Hürden zu meistern. Warum darf ich mich nicht gegen einen CPU-Kontrahenten durchsetzen. Wenn ich aber daran denke, dass dies wahrscheinlich genauso gruselig ausgefallen wäre wie der 2-Player-Battle, ist das vielleicht doch zu verschmerzen. Sei’s drum, ich hatte jedenfalls schon nach der ersten Session keine Lust mehr und hab mich die weiteren Male nur gezwungen in der Hoffnung vielleicht doch noch so etwas wie Spielspaß zu empfinden, allerdings ohne Erfolg.
GameSpot (Jan 19, 2001)
Crave is guilty of cashing in with The Next Tetris On-Line Edition in the worst way - they've taken an existing game, The Next Tetris, added a laughable online component, and are peddling it as an entirely new game. The game itself isn't terrible, but unless you are absolutely aching to exercise the online capabilities of your Dreamcast, there is really no reason to pick up this game.