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Defunct Games (Nov 20, 2005)
This game is the pinnacle of the Blitz series unfortunately; it's been all down hill from there, Midway has continued to try and improve on the 2000 formula, but improving something that is great in gaming almost never works. With its pickup and play controls and incredible multiplayer this game is an absolute must own for anyone into the slowly dieing art of playing multi-player on one screen. Plus it goes for under 5 bucks on eBay; you have no excuse not to own this game.
Planet Dreamcast (Sep 11, 1999)
NFL Blitz 2000 is a pretty solid game. Even non-football fans may get a kick out of it. The control, graphics, sound, interface, and AI are all great; the only problem is that the replay value and depth may be a little lacking. You'll probably want to pick up NFL2K if you're looking to play through an entire season or two and really get into the finer aspects of the game. But if you want a hard-hitting football game that doesn't take itself seriously, doesn't require any long commitments to enjoy, and is easy to play, go out and buy NFL Blitz 2000.
IGN (Sep 08, 1999)
You've got great sound, clean graphics, fast play, no quarters to slug into a machine, lots of two and four-player options-for the ultimate in competitiveness. Did I mention the weather, the varying player sizes, the color palette, all the NFL teams, your favorite field generals and the trivia games? Please...please...say I did, because the list goes on and on. So, can I stop now? If you like NFL Blitz in the arcade, get off your duff and pick this one up. Going out the door of the mall, say goodbye to your friendly arcade attendant, because you won't be back there any time soon.
Gaming Target (Jun 22, 2000)
If you like NFL games but are not quiet that hardcore and want some arcade action, then definitely go for this, it’s got great sound and graphics.
Consoles Plus (Dec, 1999)
L'apparence graphique des matchs tire assez bien partie des capacités de la Dreamcast, avec une bonne animation. Les options sont relativement nombreuses, et on retrouve toutes les stratégies du foot américain.
NowGamer (Aug 31, 1999)
The beauty of NFL Blitz 2000, apart from it’s superlative graphics and gameplay, is that you don’t need to have a clue about the sport to be able to enjoy it.
The Next Level (Oct 21, 1999)
All in all, if you're one who tends to play sports sims, you might not like this. Those who don't play sports games religiously (like me) may find fun in renting it. And if you just hate all types of sports whatsoever, don't come near this. In a nutshell, Blitz isn't bad, isn't good, just decent.
Video Games (Feb, 2000)
Auf der DC der Geheimtip für NFL-Einsteiger: Leicht zu erlernen, dynamisch zu spielen und optisch auch noch ganz passabel – wenigstens mit VGA-Box-Trick. Spielt ihr gegen Freunde, können Spielzüge unter Zuhilfenahme des Visual Memory im Geheimen ausgesucht werden – super Idee! Fazit: gelungener Arcade-Port mit toller Homepage im Web!
Player One (Dec, 1999)
Au final, NFL Blitz est un soft recommandé, si vous voulez vous lancer dans les jeux de foot US.
CyberGames (Sep 27, 1999)
Mediocre to poor port of a tired game. Fun with friends, repetitive and frustrating against computer.
Mega Fun (Jan, 2000)
Ich weiß, NFL Blitz ist ein Fun-Game, das ohne Regeln und Strategie auskommen kann. Aber irgendwie werde ich das Gefühl nicht los, als hätte sich Midway die falsche Sportart ausgesucht. Denn ohne diese beiden Eckpfeiler ist Football nur halb so viel wert. Da können die unzähligen Monster-Tackles und fiesen Kampfschreie auf Dauer auch nicht hinwegtrösten. Es wird einfach viel zu schnell öde. Hinzu kommt eine nur durchschnittliche technische Umsetzung, sodass für mich weiterhin NFL2K das Maß aller Dinge bleibt, und das mit deutlichem Vorsprung!
The Video Game Critic (Jan 28, 2010)
The original Blitz game was well balanced, but NFL Blitz 2000 feels out of kilter. The flying helmets and 10-yard dives are fun, but the 80-yard field goals and constant turnovers are tiresome. The lines tossed out by commentators (and players) are amusing at first, but they get on your nerves once they start repeating. I enjoyed the photos of drop-dead gorgeous cheerleaders on the statistical screens, but they are very much underused. Blitz 2000 was extremely hard to review, not only due to its breakneck pace, but the fact that there's no pause function, making it really hard to take notes. All in all, it left me with the distinct impression that the series had jumped the shark.