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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. -
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.0
Overall User Score (25 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Gamers' Republic (Apr, 2000)
UbiSoft is in complete control of all the aspects that make a special game. But what lifts this game to greatness are the little extra touches that have been dreamed up for the Rayman universe. The delightful, nonsensical speech patterns of the inhabitants. The towering mechanical beast that lifts its leg to scratch. The mushrooms dancing in the flower beds. The elegant swirls of clouds, the ornate patterns even found in the thorn patches. What a magical game.
The Video Game Critic (May 17, 2006)
The game's frame-rate remains silky smooth at all times, although you'll occasionally struggle for the best camera angle. Great Escape's audio is also outstanding, with understated but appealing guitar and drum rhythms. Rayman 2 offers addictive, wholesome fun that will appeal to any age or gender. There's even an unlockable multi-player mini-game. If you own a Dreamcast, this belongs in your collection.
The Next Level (USA) (Nov 20, 1999)
Without a doubt, Rayman 2 truly shines in a class of its own, breaking the typecast as being among the 3D clones which have surfaced since the debut of Mario 64. Without running the risk of concluding with a sales pitch, if you're looking for a new addition to your Dreamcast library, I'd strongly recommend that you'd look out this game. Boasting a high level of creativity, personality and most imporantly - entertaining gameplay. In essence, Rayman 2 breathes new life into what otherwise has become a genre watered down by the common platform titles of today, echoing much of the 'been there, done that' vibe.
If you liked the first Rayman, do yourself a favor and pick this one up. It's a great addition to anyone's Dreamcast collection, even more so if you are a platformer fan.
Game Chronicles (Apr 10, 2000)
Rayman 2 is easily the finest console platform game you can purchase today. If you don't have a Dreamcast then this is almost reason enough to buy one. It might not be the lengthiest game in the Dreamcast library but it certainly shows off the power of this system.
Shin Force (Apr 02, 2000)
If you like action titles like Sonic Adventure then you need to get Rayman 2. It features excellent graphics and gameplay with great music. This is an example of a developer utilizing the Uberconsole's power.
IGN (Mar 21, 2000)
When you throw in the Dreamcast-exclusive mini-games, there is more than enough to keep you busy, and even at half it's length with no extras to speak of, this game would more than be worth the price of entry. Rayman 2: The Great Escape is, without question, the most impressive feat of game design and execution the platforming genre has ever seen. Forget Mario. Forget Banjo. And don't even think about Crash. This is the next evolution in gaming, and it has never looked or played better than it does on your Dreamcast.
Da Gameboyz (Jul 08, 2004)
Rayman 2 is simply one of the best platform games I have played in a long time. It has a great sense of humour, colourful visuals, and a really big game world to play in, so you don't finish it too soon. Both kids and adults will get a great big kick out of this one. The joystick is way up for Rayman 2.
95 (Mar 31, 2000)
Rayman 2 is the best game on the Dreamcast so far, and could arguably be the greatest platform game ever, and that includes the Shiguru Miyomoto's legendary Mario 64. Anyone who is foolish enough to look past this title is doing themselves a disservice. The 3 years it has taken UbiSoft to develop the title was well worth it, and Rayman 2 deserves every award and praise that it receives. It's a classic.
95 (Mar 23, 2000)
Rayman 2 est un Soul Calibur à l’échelle du jeu de plates-formes en 3D : une merveille ! L’imagination débordante des développeurs français de chez Ubi Soft est entièrement servie par une réalisation suffocante. RIEN n'est laissé au hasard, chaque détail, chaque recoin est taillé, lissé – on frôle la perfection en tous points. Plongez-vous sans retenue dans cette aventure grandiose, c’est une cure de plaisir !
Defunct Games (Sep 24, 2006)
The only thing one could potentially point out as a detriment is the occasionally stubborn camera. Otherwise, this is a simply perfect experience. For those of us who still play our Dreamcast's regularly, this is a must have.
Gamer's Pulse (Jan 08, 2000)
I love this game. Yes, I am 20 years old now, but that does not stop me from enjoying the cartoonish and great game that is Rayman 2: The Great Escape. (Ed. Note- And I thought I felt bad cause I was 39!) The vivid graphics will draw your curiosity; the great gameplay and story will keep you playing until the very end. The game is geared towards the young age demographics and it is evident in the infinite lives that Rayman has, but it is tough enough to keep more experience gamers interested. Rayman 2 also shows that 3-D platform genre that it is not just about running and jumping, with the inclusion of the mini-games and other action scenes. So if you are looking for a wonderful story, graphics, gameplay, basically everything a great game should have, pick up Rayman 2: The Great Escape. This game does not disappoint.
GameSpot (Mar 28, 2000)
Rayman 2 is one of the best platforming experiences available today. By including a wonderfully humorous story, excellent game mechanics, and perfection in almost all other categories, Ubi Soft has created a game that appeals to all types of gamers. There are many versions of Rayman to choose from, but the extra features crammed into this version plus the Dreamcast's superior graphics and sound make this the Rayman game of choice for choosy gamers.
Mega Fun (Mar, 2000)
Die Dreamcast-Version von Rayman 2 ist auf Fälle die herausragendste. Bei kaum einem anderen Spiel kommt so viel Laune auf wie bei Rayman 2 von Ubi Soft. Der Spielwitz ist absolut perfekt und der Knuddelfaktor von Rayman absolut ungeschlagen. Das Gameplay hat sich zwar nicht sehr verändert, doch die zahlreichen Verbesserungen rechtfertigen die hohe Wertung. Wie versprochen beinhaltet das Game zahlreiche Mini- und Bonus-Games, damit es auch nach dem ersten Durchzocken noch interessant bleibt. Mit mehreren Freunden sind diese Spiele wirklich der Hammer. Wie es nur selten bei Umsetzungen der Fall ist, hat Ubi Soft hier ganze Arbeit geleistet. Nur wer Rayman 2 schon auf dem N64 gezockt hat, sollte beruhigt die Finger davon lassen.
Game Revolution (Mar 01, 2000)
The best games in the platform adventure genre construct new worlds for gamers to experience. Then they create a character and a story that takes hold of the player and transports them to an alternate reality. This is exactly what Ubi Soft has achieved in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. Above all, this engrossing game is just plain fun to play.
Gaming Age (2000)
Overall Rayman 2: The Great Escape can be summed up in one word: addictive. Every part of this game calls you back for more. The highly enjoyable gameplay, the atmospheric tunes, and the quirky cast of characters add up to a winning formula for Ubi Soft.
90 (Feb 06, 2021)
The Dreamcast version looks, sounds, and plays better than all the other releases. I can attest to this even after going through the frustration of getting the PC release running properly on a modern system. Until (if ever), Rayman 2 gets a remake or upgrade, the Dreamcast remains the best way to play one of the finest games in the genre.
90 (Sep 20, 2009)
Rayman 2 ist das meiner Meinung nach schönste Jump´n´Run, das es gibt. Die tollen Levels, gepaart mit der wunderschönen Musik schaffen eine tolle Atmosphäre. Spielerisch ist der Titel auch sehr gelungen, Steuerung, Abwechslung und Schwierigkeitsgrad sind perfekt. Letzterer ist stellenweise nach dem Trial & Error Prinzip aufgebaut, da aber jedes Mal vor einer solche Passage ein Checkpoint befindet, hält sich der Frust in Grenzen. Leider etwas kurz geraten ist die Spieldauer. Wer nur die Levels durchspielt und keinen Wert auf Geheimnisse oder Lums legt, wird sich nicht viel länger als 10 Stunden mit dem Spiel beschäftigen. Wenn allerdings die Qualität stimmt, und das ist bei Rayman 2 ganz sicher der Fall, sollte man diese 10 Stunden einfach genießen. Wer einen Dreamcast sein Eigen nennt, kommt um dieses Spiel nicht herum, und wer zwischen einem der drei Rayman Titel entscheiden muss, kann bedenkenlos zum zweiten Teil greifen.
TouchGen (Mar 01, 2010)
Regarded as one of Rayman’s best outings by critics at the time, Rayman 2 was a great platformer borrowing the finest ideas from Mario 64, Sonic Adventures and Crash Bandicoot and injecting it with an original style and charm of it’s own.
In all, Rayman 2 is an integral part of the Dreamcast lineup. The DC hasn't had a good platformer since the release of Sonic Adventure. Rayman 2 fills the gap left by the famous hedgehog. In crafting the game, Ubi-Soft really went the extra mile. The graphics, controls, and gameplay blow away the competition. In all respects, Rayman 2 is a spectacular effort.
Video Games (Mar, 2000)
Der DC-Rayman sieht besser aus, spielt sich besser und wartet mit einigen DC-exclusiven Gimmicks auf – keine Frage für mich, hier mein schönstes Lächeln zu zeigen. Was mich ärgert – und das ist nicht die Schuld von Ubi Soft – ist die nicht vorhandene Internet-Option: Man hat ein Multi-Player-Game und eine Internet-fähige Konsole – was läge also näher, als dieses Spiel im Internet zu zocken? Ebenfalls gestört hat mich, dass die Steuerung zwar o.k. ist, ihr die Buttons aber nicht selbst belegen könnt – ich bewege halt die Kamera (die nicht immer optimal arbeitet) lieber mit den Shoulder-Buttons als mit den normalen Action-Buttons. Nach einiger Zeit gewöhnt man sich aber daran. Ein rundum gelungenes Jump'n-Run-Vergnügen.
87 (Dec 13, 2001)
Muchos os preguntareis ¿Sonic o Rayman? y tendriamos que decir ¿por qué elegir? cada uno tiene sus puntos fuertes y débiles y lo justo sería decir que Rayman 2 es el complemento perfecto de Sonic Adventure y que Sonic Adventure es el complemento perfecto de Rayman 2. A mí me gusta mas Sonic pero no deja de ser una preferencia personal. Lo que si esta claro es que Rayman 2 es un plataformas divertido, largo si queremos sacarle todo el jugo, y de una calidad técnica y jugable enorme. Un autentico imprescindible.
Planet Dreamcast (Mar 16, 2000)
Rayman 2 is a wonderful surprise. Ubisoft could have just done a quick and sloppy N64 port, but instead they took the time to enhance the game to take advantage of the Dreamcast's power. The result is a beautiful, well-designed adventure that easily takes its place as one of the best 3D platformers available today.
De todas formas, este último defectillo no nos impide reconocer la enorme calidad de nuestra versión de Rayman 2, sin duda la mejor de todas las que han aparecido hasta ahora.
Los amantes de las plataformas pueden sentirse satisfechos con el trabajo realizado por Ubi Soft.
Gamekult (Oct 11, 2000)
Fascinant ! Voilà bien longtemps qu'il ne nous était pas donné l'occasion de nous essayer à un jeu aussi complet que prenant. Beau, d'une fluidité parfaite, d'une jouabilité sans faille, Rayman 2 nous invite de nouveaux à résoudre les casses têtes, à sauter de plate-forme en plate forme, à délivrer les lums. Autour de ce noyau, on prend plaisir à découvrir les niveaux secrets et à prendre part à tous les mini-jeux que comptent ce jeu. En un mot comme en mille, Rayman 2 est simplement le meilleur.