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Resident Evil: Code: Veronica Screenshots (Dreamcast)

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title screen
Status screen
Claire takes on trademark Resident Evil zombies
Nice courtyard, but beware of dogs
Claire meets a particularly disgusting enemy-- the Bandersnatch
At one point in the game, you play as Steve Burnside armed with automatic weapons
Claire and Steve escape from the island in a plane
But a Tyrant boss managed to stowaway on the plane
Giant insects took over part of the Antarctic base; Claire checks out their handiwork
A characteristically over-the-top cut scene
Claire and Steve manage to get outside of the Antarctic base; the weather doesn't seem to bother them
You have a clear shot at this point, but the game won't let you take him out
Fighting the Nosferatu boss on the Antarctic base through a rifle scope
A view of the map screen
The later part of the game where you play Claire's brother Chris, who trips the alarm...
...which summons the fearsome Hunter creature
Chris eventually follows to the Antarctica base
Chris on a block of ice; notice the unusually large spider beneath the surface

Official Screenshots

  • Resident Evil: Code: Veronica Screenshot
    Screenshot - official presskit