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Written by  :  Sycada (191)
Written on  :  Jul 30, 2001
Platform  :  Dreamcast
Rating  :  3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars
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Sonics 10 year anniversary is celebrated in style.

The Good

Basically, as far as Sonic titles go, this has the look and feel of an enhanced Sonic Adventure 1 but with the level structure of one of the side scrolling Megadrive titles. Gone are the rpg elements of the sonic adventure 1 and instead we have a more streamlined action title. The graphics are amazing and leave every other platformer on any system to date, for dead with high resolution everything and a solid 60 fps running speed which is essential with a game that is centred on speed. There are 2 main games, the first lets you play the story as the heroes, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles which each have their own game styles while the 2nd puts you in the shoes of the villains. Dr Robotnik, Shadow and Rogue whom are the bad equivilent of each of the heroes. Sonic and Shadows stages are high speed platform areas that we've all come to expect from Sonic games. They are easily the most fun to play and you'll want to go back and do so again and again. Tails and Robotnik have shooting stages with some mild platforming which is very similar in gameplay to the robot stages from SA1. Lastly, Knuckles and Rogue have treasure hunting stages where you have to locate certain objects within the stage to progress. There are loads of bonuses such as the go kart mini game and the Chao raising section from SA1, plus once you finish both games there is a final area and after that there is the monumental challenge of obtaining all 180 emblems throughout the game world. The emblem system also means that in order to obtain the later emblems, you must accomplish different challenges within each stage to gain the new emblem thus making the replay value skyrocket. The music is cheesy J-pop which usually suits the game very well and is often hilarious. Sound is solid and thankfully there is the option to have the original Japanese dialogue with subtitles for those of us who prefer it. Sonic Adventure 2 is a game certain to keep you occupied for weeks.

The Bad

The English voice acting is poor and the voices are very wrong for the characters. The music during some of the areas is enough to drive you towards the mute control on the tv (knuckles stages spring to mind.) Cameras can sometimes leave you blind, although they are much better than those in SA1 plus knuckles and rogues stages can grate a bit when you can't find one of the items you're after. It seems that in its transition from Japanese to English, Sega neglected to add subtitles to the pre-rendered sequences so if you prefer the Japanese voices with English subtitles, you may find yourself a little confused with the story. The final cutscene at the end of the whole game has quite a bit of non-subtitled dialogue so I'd advise braving the English acting when you get to this point.

The Bottom Line

Sonic Adventure 2 has its faults but they don't stop it from being one of, if not THE best sonic game ever made not to mention one of the best platformers ever so anyone who has even a passing interest in platform games would do well to get it. And those of you who didn't get a Dreamcast are just going to once again, miss out on yet another top notch title.