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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Overall User Score (11 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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SuperGamePower (Oct, 2000)
O caminho quadrinhos—cinema—videogame tá ficando cada vez mais manjado... Um exemplo bastante atual é X-Men. Mas dessa vez os produtores acertaram em cheio: Spawn é um jogaço! Ele segue o mesmo estilo de Power Stone, também produzido pela Capcom, com visão em 3D e batalhas para até quatro jogadores. Só que em Spawn a galera da Capcom caprichou bem mais nos gráficos (eles não apresentam nenhum defeito mesmo com a tela cheia!) e no som, um metal pesado que caiu como uma luva nas batalhas rápidas e cheias de explosão.
Gaming Age (Aug 22, 2000)
Bottom line: a couple of hiccups, but they don't stop Spawn: In The Demon's Hands from being one of the best multiplayer games on the market. Just be sure to have a big-screen TV when you hook this thing up - otherwise you're going to set a new record for most time spent squinting at a 4-player split screen.
Mega Fun (Sep, 2000)
Ich habe mich lange gefragt, warum Spawn: In the Demon‘s Land in der Spielhalle einen so großen Erfolg gehabt hat. Lag es am Vierspieler-Kabinett? Oder am Comic-Star Spawn? Vielleicht beides, allerdings steht fest, dass dieses Spiel einen gehörigen Suchtfaktor aufweist, unabhängig davon, dass es ab und an Probleme mit der Kamera oder Clipping gibt. Spawn bietet Action-Kost ohne Schnörkel und macht selbst im Vierspieler-Splitscreen eine gute Figur.
Video Games (Sep, 2000)
Faszinierend ist allerdings die grandiose Action. In wunderbar detaillierter Grafik, die den Comic-Charakteren in jeder Hinsicht gerecht wird, spielt sich auf Eurem Screen ein Action-Feuerwerk sondergleichen ab. Selbst bei bildschirmfüllenden Explosionen hält sich die Frame-Rate bei konstanten 60 fps. Im Splitscreen müssen zwar ein paar Abstriche gemacht werden, aber doch auch hier läuft das Game immer ausreichend flüssig. Untermalt wird das Spektakel von stimmigen Hardrock-Rhythmen und motivierenden (englischen) Sprachsamples. Auch in spielerischer Hinsicht kann das Game durch die vielen freischaltbaren Charaktere, Items und Locations auch über längere Zeit fesseln, auch wenn der Spielspaß mit mehreren menschlichen Gegnern logischerweise deutlich höher ist.
76 (Dec 12, 2001)
No soy un fan especial de este tipo de juegos, me entretienen durante un rato, pero no me enganchan como un buen racer o una aventura, pero sin lugar a dudas es uno de los mejores en su género, con múltiples modos y buenas maneras técnicas. En cualquier colección sería una buena compra.
IGN (Oct 23, 2000)
One thing that I'm a disappointed at Capcom with is the lack over Internet play. When playing the arcade version, despite all the same camera control difficulties that plague the Dreamcast version, it was great fun playing multi-player, especially in Team Battle Mode. While there is a four-player split screen option, having online play would have given Spawn: ITDH tremendous replay value, especially since there's little of replayability beyond getting "secret characters and weapons" and those neat pieces of art by beating the game repeatedly. Spawn: In the Demon's Hands will no doubt provide a fun night of enjoyable moments as a rental, where blasting and trash talking buddies will make you forget the camera problems and poor AI. Playing it any longer and you might wonder ifSpawn on the PlayStation was any better.
Game Revolution (Oct 01, 2000)
The fight can get pretty hectic pretty fast, as there can be as many as four players battling against each other in a variety of teams or joining forces to tackle some pretty serious bosses. In this sense, Spawn: In The Demon's Hand is chaos at its finest, offering a new twist on an old genre. However, the camera problems and bad play balance hold it back from the hellish glory it strives for.
With a whopping 36 characters, most of which are hidden, Spawn gives plenty of reason why you should play it extensively. Yet when the game drives you nuts to begin with, I wouldn’t recommend extended play as the best course of action. If you want a game that you can play for 15 minutes and put down feeling satisfied, then this dark-sider may hold some interest for you. I for one will keep my feet out of hell until the day I die.
60 (Sep 20, 2009)
Wegen der sehr schlechten Kamera könnte man Spawn anfangs für ein schlechtes Spiel halten, doch das ist es bestimmt nicht. Hat man sich erst mal an den Spielverlauf gewöhnt, kann man durchaus ein paar vergnügliche Stunden mit dem sinnfreien Action-Titel erleben. Vor allem die viele n Waffen und freispielbaren Extras und die abstrakten Gegner sind ausschlaggebend für unterhaltsame Multiplayersessions. Durch mangelnden spielerischen Tiefgang wird’s zwar schon nach einer Woche langweilig, trotzdem ist die Comic-Umsetzung auch im technischen Rahmen als gelungen zu bezeichnen.
A much better offering than the previous franchise title, Spawn: In the Demon’s Hand boasts incredible graphics that bring the dark atmosphere of the comic book to life. Fans of the series will be glad to find all of McFarlane’s major characters contained herein, along with their trademark moves. While certainly not much of a single-player game, it compensates with a solid multiplayer experience that supports up to four players at once in team or free-for-all modes. Unfortunately, the wandering camera presents a great deal of problems, confusing the player and at times even making things unplayable. Still, those who arm themselves with patience and get used to the poor camera will be rewarded with a decent multiplayer title that offers some of the best graphics to date on the Dreamcast.
GameSpot (Sep 07, 2000)
Once you go through the boss battles a few times, Spawn's draw quickly dissipates. There are 24 characters waiting to be unlocked, but, by the time you've opened up your sixth or seventh, you begin to realize that the simplistic, repetitive gameplay is no longer enough motivation to continue. You can collect special items and weapons that are tucked away in each battle arena to open up images in a gallery, but again the reward does not warrant the work. Considering you're supposed to play video games, any piece of software that turns the gameplay into work is really not a good time. Fans of the Spawn comic book may enjoy this game for the simple fact that it's the prettiest Spawn game yet, but all others should rent with prejudice.
The mass mayhem and multitude of characters in Spawn may have made it an attractive quarter muncher in the arcades, but I personally couldn’t care less for this absurd game. The camera is so out of control that you can’t even see your enemies half the time whether you know they are there or not. Furthermore, if you don’t kill with one rapid bout of attacks, your enemy will fall down and then become temporarily invincible for enough time to do you in for a free kill. This forces you to frequently punch and then run for your life from an opponent that you just wiped out. The level of chaos and instantaneous death is fairly entertaining for a little while, but getting nailed by opponents you couldn’t see or target because the camera was weaving like a drunken sailor becomes exponentially more irritating as the game progresses. Spawn’s rightful place is with his master.
Defunct Games (Apr 03, 2004)
But even with a rather impressive line up of characters, Spawn fails to impress on a game play level. The game is far too repetitive, hard to play, and too dull to even express in words. It's not the worst fighter on the market, but if it comes up between this and Power Stone 2 ... I think you're choice is clear!
50 (Feb 16, 2001)
Les autres modes de jeu ne suffisent pas non plus à rehausser la durée de vie et l'intérêt global du jeu. La Bataille Royale propose un combat à quatre dans une arène, mais l'écran est malheureusement splitté en quatre à moins de jouer seul contre le CPU, contrairement à la version japonaise qui disposait d'un mode de jeu online. Les fans de Spawn qui se jetteront sur ce titre pour son rendu graphique risquent donc d'être terriblement déçus par son intérêt limité et sa courte durée de vie.
Power Unlimited (Mar, 2002)
Een erg middelmatige game waar alleen de grootste Spawn fans wat euro' s voor over hebben.
All in all, I can't say I regret having played the game, but it's certainly not worth more than a rental. Spawn: In the Demon's Hand is a worm-ridden apple of a game. It looks tasty, so take a small bite to find out what's inside... you'll soon toss it right back where you found it.