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Consoles Plus (Oct, 1999)
D'une réalisation honorable, ce titre pêche dans les détails. Son manque d'originalité et ses aspects répétitifs décevront les fans de simulations pures.
Shin Force (Nov 13, 1999)
Suzuki Alstare is not as bad as some reviewers claim. It's definitely improved over Redline Racer in graphics, AI, load times, and control. I'd recommend it if you're insatiable for racers or motorcycle racing (specifically). It reminds me of Road Rash with no fighting...
Styrkan i Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing ligger i den fina grafiken och de höga hastigheterna. Spelet håller också ett bra tag eftersom det är svårt att hänga med på de banor som består av fler kurvor än raksträckor. Men gillar man den här racingbaserade sporten och har tålamod nog att övningsköra tills man ha tagit sig till Alstare-teamet kan det vara en värdefull Dreamcast-investering.
Mega Fun (Dec, 1999)
Obwohl Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing besser ist als sein japanischer Vorg√§nger, bleibt es nur ein durchschnittliches Arcade-Rennspiel, das beileibe nicht an die Klasse eines Sega Rally 2 herankommt. Dennoch denke ich, dass gerade Rennspiel-Fans, denen es in erster Linie nicht auf den Simulationsgehalt eines Racers ankommt, Freude mit diesem Titel haben werden. Mir war das Ganze jedoch etwas zu seicht, auch wenn es mir die flotte Grafik und das irrwitzige Geschwindigkeitsgef√ľhl angetan haben.
NowGamer (Nov 10, 1999)
Fast and slick with everything a Suzuki Alstare fan could ever want, but the controls could have been smoother.
Lo que ocurre es que Suzuki Alstare es algo sosete en cuanto a modos de juego, y tampoco es un simulador que nos permita disputar una temporada completa como si fuéramos Crivillé en persona. No llega al nivel de los grandes simuladores, pero gustará a los que sólo piensan en montar en moto.
SEGA-Portal.de (Sep 20, 2009)
Anfangs wirkt "Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing" wegen seiner guten technischen Seite und dem einsteigerfreundlichen Gameplay wie ein ausgereiftes Produkt. Nach einigen Sessions sind die Schw√§chen jedoch un√ľbersehbar. Alle Modi sind durchweg unmotivierend, was zum gro√üen Teil an dem zu sterilen Streckendesign (nicht bei allen Kursen) liegt. Die Rennen √∂den irgendwie an und sind zudem sp√§ter keine Herausforderung mehr. Einfach mal ein paar schnelle Runden drehen; zu mehr reicht es bei diesem Titel leider nicht.
Planet Dreamcast (Nov 18, 1999)
Ooooh. Nice try, but the lack of depth and just not very good main gameplay will leave SAER to languish in the land of the mediocre. And that's a shame since the control is excellent and it can be a fun little game. I'd definitely recommend renting Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing, but unless you're into motorcycles or aren't satisfied with any of the other racers currently on the Dreamcast, it's probably not worth $50. Thank you, ride through.
GameSpot (Jun 09, 1999)
While Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing is a distinct improvement over its imported version, it is still a "B" title. The biggest problem is that it never really feels all that "extreme." It feels as if the original game has been given a talk show-style makeover, albeit a very nice one. While this might have passed as OK on the PC, it is merely average on a console where mediocre racers are commonplace. Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing is a decent racing game but not nearly as good as Ubi Soft's other racer, Speed Devils. While the license and sense of identity are certainly appreciated, next time it would be better to concentrate on the game itself. The mind wanders, instead, to a perfect port of AM3's Manx TT or even Sega's Road Rash-esque Motor Raid. This one says "rental" all over it.
GameGenie (1999)
There isn't much to this game other than the driving. If you want an arcade game where you get to drive fast bikes that won't crash and won't spin out from underneath you, then this is the game for you. Bottom line - This game doesn't do much…but it does it very well.
The Video Game Critic (Apr 13, 2001)
Compared to other Dreamcast racers like Sega GT and Sega Rally 2, this one of the more fun and playable racers on the Dreamcast. The twelve courses are beautiful and the framerate is silky smooth. The scenery includes desert, country, city, and beach locations. The controls are simple and the analog control is remarkably tight. One player can work his way through a tournament or two players can go head-to-head. Although the graphics look sharp, the draw-in is distracting, especially in the two player mode.

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