Advertising Blurbs

    It's an all-out war of the toys, and no room is safe in Toy Commander on Dreamcast. Childhood toys come to life and fight for supremacy on the action-packed battlefield of a young boy's home. Andy's old-fashioned, toddler toys are fighting mad and not gonna stand for any more neglect. So they rise up and rebel against the shiny new generation of action toys, which you command to defend the playroom turf. But look out -- your enemy may seem cute and cuddly, but they're heavily armed and stone-cold deadly. With more than 50 hours of mission-oriented gameplay, you'll control a battalion of air and land assault toys as you clash on the kitchen table, under the bed, or in other rebel-held territories throughout the house. This is not your average fun and games.

    Total immersion in realistic and fully explorable 3D environments. Interact with all objects in the room. More than 50 hours of gameplay. Three different playing modes, two types of gameplay. Split screen capability allows action for up to four players. Eight battle arenas in the house, with up to two rooms each. 35 vehicles to alternate and control, with multiple functions and weapons per vehicle. Players combat a wide variety of enemies, ranging from toys to household items. 50 missions of varying difficulty and types, including: races, dexterity, fighting, strategy, and boss.

    Contributed by Grant McLellan (623) on Sep 12, 2001.