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CyberGames (Aug 04, 2000)
It's enjoyable once you get used to it, but it has a lot of cleaning up required - next year it could be a good game.
HappyPuppy (Aug 11, 2000)
However, the sum of all these good aspects does not add up to a good game. It really feels like it was rushed out the door (which makes sense, considering that baseball season is almost 3/4 over), and the game suffers from that. There are much better games on other systems that I suggest you check out before you give this one a serious look. If you are a Dreamcast-only gamer, then I strongly suggest that you give this one a rental before you plunk down your hard-earned money for it.
Video Games (Sep, 2000)
Trefft ihr, segelt der Ball meist unkontrolliert gen Himmel, was uns zu Punkt 3 bringt - dem Feldspiel (Fielding). Wenn man es denn so nennen kann: Durch die Gegend bewegen könnt ihr eure Spieler nämlich nicht, darum kümmert sich die CPU. Ihr bestimmt lediglich die Wurfrichtung eines gefangenen Balls. Addiert man zu diesem unverzeihlichen Manko den eher mittelmäßigen Kommentar, die gelegentlich auftauchenden Grafik-Slowdowns, die vorhandenen Schwächen in der KI und die mager ausgefallenen Statistiken, so bleibt unterm Strich ein Baseballspiel, welches dem 2K-Standard in zu vielen Punkten nicht gerecht wird. Hoffentlich beweist Sega mit WSB 2K2 ein glücklicheres Händchen.
Planet Dreamcast (Sep 03, 2000)
WSB2K1 had all the makings of a great baseball game but, unfortunately, falls far short of expectations. It makes for a fun arcade game (well, at least when the action's between the mound and home plate), but is not really worth much for those expecting a full-blown baseball simulation. Try back next year.
GameSpot (Jul 24, 2000)
Were expectations too high? Have years of nostalgia over WSB '98 marred the reception of WSB 2K1? Maybe, but only a little. One can't use high expectations to explain away all of WSB 2K1's flaws. The lack of manual fielding is ridiculous, and the statistics tracking is laughable. There are scouting reports and hot/cold meters for pitching, but not batting. Why? There's also the lack of a home run derby and the CPU-controlled pacing to consider. The game literally has so many flaws that it is impossible to mention them all in a single review. In fact, even though it's in final packaging, WSB 2K1 is obviously an unfinished product. If you're asking yourself if you should you buy this game, the answer is an emphatic "No."
Gaming Age (Jul 26, 2000)
Bottom line, this is an arcade game plain and simple. If it would have boasted the Sega Sports Arcade logo, this reviewer may have understood. But Sega promised us much more than we got, and we deserved more. Not this half-done, rushed out to make a buck, glorified arcade game. Konami had the right idea, delay their game till next year and get it right, instead of bringing out a product that would tarnish their name. I guess from now on Visual Concepts will have to do ALL 4 major Sega Sports titles in order to get it right. So I say to Sega, "Take me out of the ball game, forget the peanuts and Cracker Jacks, this boy's American pastime has been botched by Sega of America. Let freedom ring."
In summary, this is definitely Sega's biggest disappointment since the 32X. I know it's important to get the game out before the season ends, but when it's as bad as WSB is, why bother? Sega should take Konami's idea to heart, scrap the current version, and plan a much better, more thorough release for next year. Or better yet, have Visual Concepts work on the next release, because not only did they make the best football and basketball games for the Dreamcast, they also helped make NHL a better game than it could have been. Once again, as a Segaphile, it really hurts me to do this, but World Series 2K1 deserves its appalling 1 1/2 Gem rating and I am certain next year's version can't be any worse. Until then, it looks like I'm going back to High Heat Baseball on my PC.
Call this puppy World Seriously Flawed. Though World Series Baseball 2K1 displays gorgeous graphics and shows flashes of animated brilliance, it is not in fact, a baseball game. It has many elements of baseball contained in its package, but lacks one key element: fielding.
The Video Game Critic (Apr 14, 2001)
There are too many slow grounders and short pop-ups, and pitchers field way far too many batted balls. Automatic replays rarely capture the best angle, and unrealistic, 529 foot homeruns are all too common. The one-man commentary is sparse. Beware of the incomplete instruction manual, which fails to mention of how to perform basic actions like bunting or aiming your pitch. This game probably should not have been released. Better luck next year!