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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 2.7
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.4
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.2
Overall User Score (12 votes) 3.2

Critic Reviews

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80 (Sep 21, 2009)
WWF Royal Rumble habe ich mir als Schnäppchen bei ebay gegönnt. Da macht mir der Minimalumfang eigentlich auch nichts aus, zumal Grafik und Steuerung sehr gelungen sind und der Royal Rumble-Modus mit 4 Playern immer wieder bestens unterhält, vorrausgesetzt man hat was für solche Spiele übrig. Ich hätte mir nur eine bessere Präsentation gewünscht und auch die Charakterzahl hätte ruhig ein bisschen höher sein können, den so steigen beim Rumblekampf schnell immer wieder die gleichen Akteure in den Ring. Aufgrund des Partyfaktors finde ich es für wenig Geld aber empfehlenswert, zum Vollpreis ist jedoch ne Unverschämtheit.
Game Critics (Aug 30, 2000)
There's also one last thing I wanted to mention. For those keeping track of our fighting game battles, don't believe the spin. I laid the smackdown on Dale's candy ass in Royal Rumble more times than I can count! Where's your Mitsuguri now, huh Dale?
My final note: Being able to have nine wrestlers in the ring at one time is pretty sweet, but you may get bored of it after a while. If you are into 3D fighter games (which I am not), then maybe WWF Royal Rumble is for you. But if you are like me, and want something of a regular WWF Raw, which Smackdown tried to be, hold off on this one. Hopefully, this is just a stepping-stone to something completely great.
GamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
It's a shallow arcade port that doesn't offer much more than a chance to beat up your friends. If you're looking for a deep, WWF-based wrestling game for Dreamcast? well, you're just out of luck.
Gaming Target (Oct 15, 2000)
Unless you are a die-hard WWF fan and have to have all the games, I wouldn't suggest purchasing this title right away. If you really need a wrestling game pick up Wrestlemania 2000 for N64 and bask in THQ's rich WWF Wrestling goodness.
Sports Gaming Network (Oct 02, 2000)
As an arcade game, WWF Royal Rumble serves its purpose for the most part as it provides non-stop ring action but the limited replay value of the game will probably prevent this game from being too popular among the arcade fans. This game could be worth a rental though as by the time the rental is up, you will probably have gotten all you can from the game.
GameSpot (Aug 14, 2000)
If you're expecting SmackDown! with better graphics and more modes, you'll be disappointed by Royal Rumble's tightly focused gameplay.
On the other hand, with an excellent multiplayer mode, just better than average graphics and simple controls, the casual gamer may finally decide to see what wrestling is all about. This game could have been so much better but nonetheless still earns a joystick up from this reviewer.
Video Games (Nov, 2000)
Es kommt mir doch glatt so vor, als wollte Yuke's nur beweisen, dass man auch mehr als vier Wrestler gleichzeitig darstellen kann – was ihnen im Roya Rumble gelungen ist. Doch was nützen mir neun Athleten gleichzeitig im Ring, wenn's dann fast unspielbar wird (und zudem aufgrund des kleinen Teilnehmerfelds immer die gleichen Gurken in den Ring steigen)? Als kleiner Zwischenkampf in einem Karriere-Modus geht der Royal Rumble ja durch, aber als eigenständiges Spiel?
59 (Oct 05, 2000)
Gegen ein actionlastiges Wrestling-Game ist beileibe nichts einzuwenden. Kritisch wird es jedoch, wenn den Simplifizierungen auch all die Eigenschaften zum Opfer fallen, welche die hauseigenen (!) Titel auf anderen Plattformen überzeugen ließen. Vom spaßigen Mehrspielermodus abgesehen, bietet das Spiel einfach nicht genug Tiefgang, um Wrestling-Fans langfristig zu unterhalten. Nicht das erhoffte Dreamcast-Wrestling-Sepektakel, sondern nur eine passable Arcade-Rangelei mit ausgeprägten Defiziten im Einzelspielerbereich.
IGN (Aug 15, 2000)
But with tastier morsels of wrestling goodness to be found out there in the forms of import monsters New Japan 4 and Giant Gram 2000, Dreamcast owners are better suited to invest in a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun... not this.
45 (Sep 19, 2000)
En résumé, un désastre complet pour WWF Royal Rumble qui donne de fortes chances à ses successeurs pour relever facilement le niveau.
Gaming Age (Sep 14, 2000)
There is no way around it, Royal Rumble feels entirely half-assed. In fact, a more proper title for the game would probably be 1/3rd of WWF SmackDown With New Graphics?. There are some definite pluses to the game, and looking at THQ's comments toward their support of the Dreamcast, there might not be another Dreamcast wrestler from them or Yukes in the future. Regardless, Royal Rumble is one THQ wrestler that shouldn't be picked up until it hits the bargain bin; it isn't worth the full retail price.
Planet Dreamcast (Jul 03, 2000)
WWF Royal Rumble is a mediocre effort and use of the license. With only 22 wrestlers and subpar graphics and gameplay, the game should only appeal to desperate Dreamcast owners. Yeah, this is still the best grappler for the US Dreamcast, but that's not saying very much.
Game Critics (Aug 30, 2000)
The Royal Rumble is repetitive and uninspired and though it showed flashes of ingenuity, the Exhibition mode could be easily beaten leaving less and less reason to continue playing after a few sittings. It is a fun game for a day or two, but it soon wears thin.
But still, that doesn't do much to improve on this title. The only thing that could improve this game is to add more modes and go back to the original Smackdown formula. As it stands now, Royal Rumble has more a feel of the crappier WCW games out on the market, and not the high quality the WWF is known for. As a result, it gets only 2 Gems and I sentence THQ/Yukes to constant views of WCW New Blood Rising until they get the next game done right.
With so much potential for the Dreamcast's first exclusive wrestling game, it's a shame THQ failed so miserably. Considering the power of the Dreamcast allows for up to nine characters on the screen at once, future wrestling games could learn a lot from this and use it to their advantage. With that, it basically boils down to a fancy tech demo with an expensive license.
Gamekult (Sep 18, 2000)
Royal Rumble n'est pas un titre qui s'inscrira dans nos mémoires. Sa jouabilité approximative et l'animation peu détaillée des personnages, entachent ce titre d'une lassitude très prononcée. Pourtant, le système de combat était suffisamment riche et le mode "Royal Rumble" un bon défouloir. Le titre de meilleur jeu de catch sur Dreamcast reste donc à prendre. THQ nous avait pourtant habitués à mieux.
40 (Sep 12, 2000)
WWF Royal Rumble is the perfect game if you have a dollar to blow and half an hour left on your lunch break. Its entire design is such that it can be picked up quickly and mastered before it is over. It also features some great body crunching action that has been missing in the wrestling games of late. However, such a scarcity of features need to be balanced by a lot more than Royal Rumble has to offer when it comes to the home market. The Royal Rumble is repetitive and uninspired, and though it showed flashes of ingenuity, the Exhibition mode could be easily beaten leaving less and less reason to continue playing after a few sittings. It is a fun game for a day or two, but it soon wears thin.
Gameplanet (Oct 26, 2000)
If any game deserves to sit untouched on a gaming shelf it’s this one. This could be one of most shallow wrestling titles ever released, and yet it’ll probably sell like hotcakes.