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Old software (where adult text adventures are concerned, perhaps second only to Softporn Adventure!) proves to be a gateway to what was a nostalgic experience even then, the heterosexual rite of passage: a night of heavy petting and perhaps "getting to third base" in a parked car at the local drive-in movie theatre. The order of the day here is pacing yourself, gradually building your girlfriend's ardour before taking it to the back seat and freeing yourselves of some of that cumbersome clothing. Oh, say! Is that my hand? How did that get there?


Drive-In DOS Entering HELP gives you hints.
Drive-In Commodore 64 Any time the computer moans, you just know things are getting hot and heavy
Drive-In DOS Struggling with the parser... (1982 version)
Drive-In DOS Foreshadowing?

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Alternate Titles

  • "Passion Pit" -- alternate MS-DOS port
  • "Cruisin" -- AGT port

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An early example of a PC game of a sexual nature DOS zorkman (197)

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The curious phrase "passion pit" is indeed a slang term for drive-in movie theatres, a "third place" in the mid-20th century where sexually frustrated teenagers could explore each other in the relative privacy of a vehicle. (Though drive-in theatres were definitely on their way out at the time of the MS-DOS port's release, not entirely coincidentally a drive-in-themed pornographic movie, "Passion Pit", had recently (1985) come out featuring performances by porn superstars Traci Lords and John Holmes.)

Version differences

Though largely they are so thoroughly cloned that one port's walkthrough can be used to solve the others, there are some superficial differences between the three games: In Drive-In, your pal Arnie sets you up on a date at a giant monster movie with Andrea, while in Cruisin it's Joe who sent you to a cowboy movie with Debbie. In Passion Pit, your friend Mark directs you to "one of those crazy Canadian mad-slasher movies, with some looney wearing athletic headgear running around in the rain doing in horny teenagers with household appliances"... with a lady whose name and clothing particulars, weakly spurring replay, are randomized at every play.

Perhaps the most significant difference is Cruisin's abstracting out the extra-vehicular activities to focus on the main attraction (for shame! How else can you do the responsible thing and make your purchase from the condom machine in the men's room? -- a step, it should be noted, missing from most more-idealized erotic simulations made since by people with a far better sense of the human cost of unprotected sex than this game's original author in 1982.)

Also it should be noted that Cruisin, and Cruisin alone, requires for its completion the use of the notorious non-verb FEELUNDER.
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