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Drone Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Shooting a swarm of alien ships
Targeting a red stinger missile towards a group of larger enemies
The Air Tank boss - this is the first boss (and obviously the easiest one to defeat) in the game. Just shoot at the gate to open it and launch a stinger into the opening to destroy!
Disarming one of the game's titular Drones
Successfully disarming a Drone results in a message of praise from an unnamed officer who nicknames you "Sparky".
Onto the second level, which takes place in a desert. This is the Gemini boss - you need to launch several stingers towards the left and right sides in order to destroy it.
The Level 3 boss - shoot at the plasma and launch a stinger into the centre to take this bad boy down
Battling the "Spidey" boss over a river - shoot at the shields to rotate them until an opening is created for a stinger to be launched into
The Snake boss - this is basically like the Air Tank boss from level 1, except there's six of them!
The Drones on levels 5 and 6 have larger enemies escorting them, so it's harder to make an opening for a blue probe to be launched at the Drone.
The Bomber boss - this is just like the boss from level 3, but this time the plasma is a moving wall!