Drop and Blow Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen
The game's main menu
There are many game configuration screens in the Options section, this one redefines the action keys
One of the screens from the game's tutorials. These show quite a few examples of tile matching and have tips on strategy too
The player always plays as a character. There's no perceived advantage in playing as any particular character other than some are prettier while others may suit a player's mood
Playing a Free game Here some balls have just disappeared and when the yellow balls settle they will form a group of four and will this explode, closely followed by the blue balls
Here a chain of three successive ball removals has generated a 3x bonus
Game Over. Note that the base of the play has moved up the screen
The puzzle game has fifty levels and starts out very simply. When a player exits that mode they are given a password so that they can restart where they left off
The start of a Championship match against the CPU
This is the start of a Championship match. Like all games, apart from the puzzles, it starts with a countdown
The player just lost a Championship match. Though they have the higher score they ran out of space so it's Game Over.
The player vs. CPU match is similar to the Championship. However the player selects both characters and it's just a single match
The Player vs. Human game is the same as all the others. It does, however, have some additional configuration options