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Dual Targets: The 4th Unit Act.3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
Main menu
FM Towns-exclusive intro
How clones are made
The beginning. Note the verb command graphics
Sub-menu of "moods"
Fighting an android assassin
Gulchetay, show me your face!
Ah feel blue... so blue...
I would like to buy a hamburger
I go to school! Hurray!..
In school. Back to normal?..
...not quite
Go away, you... you... nerdy geek!
Schoolgirl fury
Find 8 differences
Dramatic scene
I'm not paying for this
There, there...
This is how "anger" looks like
Finally, I know who you are...
Kids, don't wear this at home
Blon-Win in a hospital
Sneaking and hiding
Meeting a friend
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
Another android battle
She knows science and all
She's got some nice moves
Game Over...

PC-88 version

Title screen
Character profiles
The first scene
This guy must be... smart
What kind of shady business is going on here?..
Blon-Win and Asshu decide what to do
Blon-Win vs. android assassin
I don't want to talk to you, you freaks!
A mysterious figure appears
Relaxing during lunch
It's time for school!
Life is back to normal?..
...I guess not...
The ruins of a classroom
This figure will haunt you...
Emotional moment
I don't have time for you, you nerd!
Blon-Win sees herself...
Blon-Win gets ready
Fighting your own clone

PC-98 version

Title screen
Basic verb menu
A scene with an assassin
Emotional responses
Hey Asshu, give me a hand here
The first battle against the android
What are you staring at, you losers?..
I feel kinda blue
Chatting with friends
It was just an ordinary school day...
Uh-oh... what's going on?
I have no time for you, you geek!
Blon-Win and her clone
Clone battle in the school corridor
Hey, I don't wanna clean this mess
Come on, come on, calm down...
Blon-Win is getting angry
Blon-Win changes her clothes? Or is this the clone? Hard to say
In a hospital
Meeting a friend
Come on, don't be blue
Fighting Daljee
Dramatic cutscene
Fighting another ugly android
Spectacular moves
Blon-Win knows her science
Game Over...

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Character introduction
Blon-Win is thinking
Android assassins
Hey Asshu, what should we do?
Fighting the assassin
Get out of here, freaks!
Scrolling through the simple menu
Relaxing with friends
Going to school
What the...
Existential battle - Blon-Win fights her own clone!
You can lose this battle; the story branches...
Blon-Win doesn't know what to do
A mysterious adversary
Emotional scene
Finally, I can see here face...
Blon-Win in a hospital
The moment of truth
Fighting another android
Game Over
She looks determined
Don't wear this in school
Battle against Daljee