The Duel: Test Drive II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Accolade presents
Title screen.
Main menu.
Ferrari F40.
Porsche 959.
Choose scenery.
Choose difficulty.
Race against the clock.
There are other drivers on the road.
Car accident.
Section completed!
Next race.
3.7 miles to go.
The tunnel.
The police is chasing us.
The police car is trying to slow you down.
Let's race against the opponent.
Speed limit.
Gas station ahead.
At the gas station. Section completed.
Stats after race.
Desert race against the opponent.
Another car accident.
Our opponent.
In the mountains.

Amstrad CPC version

Choose your car
Main menu
Starting location
Out of gas but I won.
I won this round.
I lost all my lives. Game over.

Atari ST version

Title screen.
Main menu.
The game offers three sceneries.
Race against the clock.
Watch out for other drivers.
The police will try to stop you when you break the speed limit.
Gas station.
The tunnel.

Commodore 64 version

Accolade logo
Title screen
Game credits
The main menu
The Ferrari
The Porsche 959
A race in progress
Fill 'er up
An analysis of your driving
Entering a tunnel
Game over
First stage (low details mode)
Second stage (low details mode)
Driving the Ferrari. A cop has pulled someone over. Hopefully, you're not next!
Driving the Ferrari. A road sign warns of a curvy road ahead.

DOS version

Main Menu
Select Skill Level
Select Your Car - Ferrari
Select Your Car - Porsche
In the road !
You forgot to stop at the gas station !
Gas Station - Stage 1
Inside a tunnel.
Gas Station - Stage 2
Almost in the Porsche !
Game Over !
Advertisement for Grand Prix Circuit (EGA)
Another way to miss the gas station (EGA)
Haha! The opponent wrecked his $260000 Ferrari (EGA)
Knocking down a cop means instant game over (EGA)
Taking victory beneath the grave (EGA)
Wohoo! Got a high score! (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Main menu (CGA)
Car selection (CGA)
Shifting up (CGA)
202 MPH! (CGA)
Won't somebody _please_ think of the children!? (CGA)
Title 1
Initial Scores (CGA, Default)
Initial Scores (EGA, Default)
Select Skill Level (CGA)
Title screen (Hercules)
Main menu (Hercules)
Watch out for oncoming cars! (Hercules)

Genesis version

Nice main menu
Selecting game options
Only three sceneries :(
Choosing your car
City scenery
Mountain cliff
Yes, but I can't ride a tricycle and contribute screenshots to MobyGames at the same time!
Entered the high scores. What a honor
Nice mountains ahead. All quiet
Fill 'er up
What's the matter, officer, were 200 mph too much?
Nice cactus/desert scenery

Macintosh version

Present / copyright date
Intro cutscene
High scores
Main menu
Car selection - Porshce 959
Car selection - Ferrari F40
Skill level
Game start
220 kph merge ahead
190 kph low on fuel
Out of gas
Performance stats
Scenery selection

MSX version

Choose a car
Game settings
They're closing in
Alone on the open road
Crashed into a cactus
You ran out of gas
Nevertheless, it's a win
Close to the mountain wall
Overtaken by another car
Watch out for the police
Inside a tunnel
Game over
Top scores

SNES version

Title Screen
In Game
Game Over...
High Score tables
Options menu
Choosing your car
Choosing against whom to race
Choosing a scenario
Be careful not to hit this green car
Oops... Tress are surely a nuisance
Gas station ahead!
You'll get different messages depending on how well you drove
Post-race statistics
You can go off road, but you'll be automatically brought back to track after a couple of seconds
I hate motocycles!
This level has more traffic
A cow. How wonderful
No, I'm not that cruel!
Down a hill
This rain makes the level even harder than it already is
Nice city view
Main menu
WTF?! My F40 is stuck and I can't move it! I tried moving left and right and accelerating and, FAIL!!!

ZX Spectrum version

Two cars in every garage, two spools on every slow-loading tape
Main menu
Game start
Running off-road
Making a nice start
Hit the back of the car