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Dugger Atari ST Title screen


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Atari STTilt (Apr, 1989)
Dugger est un adorable jeu dans la lignée de Dig Dug, mêlant adroitement action et stratégie. Les graphismes sont agréables, la musique entraînante et la progression de difficulté bien choisir. Que demander de plus ?
AmigaThe One (Mar, 1989)
The final nail to the coffin is the repetitive gameplay which seems to consist of killing two or three nasties before progressing to the next, all-too similar screen - a problem which never afflicted the original.
AmigaPower Play (Apr, 1989)
Grafik und Sound sind nett, aber die altersschwache und abgekupferte Spielidee läßt einen schwer schlucken. Wäre als Billigspiel ganz schnuckelig, aber als Vollpreis-Programm kann es bei mir nur ein “Vergrabt es wieder“ ernten.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK) (May, 1989)
Being a reworking of such an old game, Dugger has very simple gameplay, and limied long term appeal as a result.
AmigaCommodore User (Mar, 1989)
Dugger isn't awful, just ordinary. Not even a competition for three kilos of swiss chocolate and a Swatch could persuade me to recommend this. Nor would a free cuckoo clock with every game. All in all, it's not quite the pits - but if you have to dig deep, don't dig for Dugger.
It is very odd to find such an old game concept as this rearing its head on the Amiga. As soon as the initial nostalgic thrill of recognising Dig-Dug is gone, it's just a repetitive and uninspired game. Let us have something more original, please.
AmigaZzap! (Apr, 1989)
Nice intro sequence, everso nice presentation and music but they've left out one teensy weensy thing. How about a bit of gameplay, maybe? I haven't seen a Dig Dug machine for oooh, at least four years, and I don't really think a game as old as that needed to be resurrected especially for the Amiga. Well, not unless you're a taxidermist anyway. If you've really got the urge to throw your money around, aim somewhere else.